Bundaberg IT business eFlux expands

eflux expansion
Daniel Borrowman's business eFlux has become the state head office for the expanding company.

When Daniel Borrowman opened eFlux it was a one-man show but expansion into South East Queensland has turned his Bundaberg office into the state headquarters.

eFlux is a professional technology services business specialising in IT consulting and support services, and all associated maintenance and product distribution.

Following a career in IT was an easy choice for Daniel.

“I’ve been in IT basically my whole life from school,” he said.

“It was really easy for me to get in to IT because that was my passion and I loved doing it and I loved helping people.”

Success in the industry and constant “poaching” from business to business afforded him a wealth of industry knowledge which he turned into an opportunity to open his Bundaberg-based business in 2006.

“IT back then was a lot more break/fix,” he said.

“There was no such thing as managed services or proactive maintenance like we do now.”

And that was where his true passion lied.

“I liked going to a company and seeing their inefficiencies and wanting to fix their inefficiencies.”

From its humble beginnings eFlux has grown with six staff based in Bundaberg and a flourishing branch on the Gold Coast.

The eFlux Bundaberg office now has six staff from its humble beginnings as a one-man show.

eFlux expands in to South East Queensland

Daniel said the Gold Coast branch was going well and had recently taken on more staff.

“One of the main reasons that I wanted to look at Gold Coast was so that I can bring strategies that metro areas use back in to regional areas as well,” he said.

“So that they can grow the same as what a metro company could.”

The next step is Brisbane. While eFlux currently offers services in Brisbane, Daniel said he was hoping to open a dedicated Brisbane office in 2020.

“Our eventual future goal would be to fill the gap from Gold Coast to Bundaberg. We’ve got clients all the way up to Mackay.”

He said it was the success of the business in Bundaberg that had enabled him to expand into metropolitan areas.

eFlux locally partners with medical software companies Best Practice and HCN, providing their services to the medical industry in Bundaberg.

Daniel said no matter how big the company got, it was his intention to keep its headquarters in Bundaberg.

“I’ve grown up in Bundaberg my whole life,” he said.

“It’s just a good spot to have a head office.

“The people are nice, it’s an easy place to live and from what I’ve heard from the staff, especially one that’s just moved here, they love it.”

A big believer in supporting the local community, Daniel said it was important to keep profits in the Bundaberg Region.

Daniel said no matter how big eFlux gets, it's his intention to keep the business headquartered in Bundaberg.