Veteran health and wellbeing in the spotlight

Dietitians Jessica Bauer and Chloe Bauer with Eddie Stockhill of the Bundaberg RSL Sub-Branch.
Dietitians Jessica Bauer and Chloe Bauer with Eddie Stockill of the Bundaberg RSL sub-branch.

Bundaberg Region residents are being asked to share a cuppa and support a range of local events during Veterans Health Week from 28 October to November 1.

The activities are focused on mental health and wellbeing.

The annual campaign aims to support ex-service organisations and community groups across the country to deliver a range of events to highlight the importance of maintaining good mental wellness.

The activities help veterans and current serving Australian Defence Force members and their families to get involved, take action and increase their knowledge of available services and programs to maintain good mental health.

Veterans Health Week: get involved

Bundaberg RSL sub-branch welfare officer Eddie Stockill said mental health was an important topic among the veterans community, but not one which was often addressed.

“Veterans like to keep to themselves, especially when it comes to talking about our own mental health,” he said.

“We seem to put our heads in the sand and think things will just get better.”

The Veterans Health Week activities will help to alleviate those feelings of isolation, according to Eddie, who said a range of informative events were planned for all to attend.

“We have a full week of events scheduled with a range of activities being held from 9.30am each day at the Veterans Support Centre at 71 Takalvan Street,” he said.

“There will be simple stretching and yoga classes, eating and energy information sessions, physiotherapy talks and much more.

“We have really tapped in to all of the areas of mental health and wellbeing with this event.”

IWC dietitians support Veterans Health Week

Health and wellbeing organisation IWC will once again be part of the 2019 Veterans Health Week activities being delivered by the Bundaberg RSL sub-branch.

“Our community’s veterans of all ages have very specific health and wellbeing challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol,” IWC dietitian Chloe Bauer said.

“We welcome veterans all year round, but we see Veterans Health Week as a great way to spend time in group sessions, offering tailored advice and tips specifically for this group.”

Fellow IWC dietitian Jessica Bauer will be presenting three sessions on Monday, 28 October; Tuesday, 29 October and Friday, 1 November.

“The first will be all about eating for energy, with a hands-on cooking demonstration at the end,” Chloe said.

“The second is titled healthy food, happy mind, and that session will involve food tastings.

“Session number three offers a speed date with a dietitian. We will first drill down into making an individual meal plan that works for each person, according to their needs and tastes, and then we are one-on-one chats at which participants can bring their specific questions straight to us.”

To book your place, contact Eddie Stockill at the Bundaberg RSL sub-branch on 07 4910 9595.

Supporters welcomed

Eddie said family members and loved ones were also invited to come along to the Veterans Health Week activities, which will run from Monday, 28 October to Friday, 1 November.

“This is the perfect opportunity for veterans to gain some knowledge, skills and a better understanding of how to cope,” he said.

“We also encourage family to attend as the information is beneficial for all.”