Grandma reels in huge Burnett River spanish mackerel

Keen fisherwoman Robyn Thomas said she was ecstatic when she reeled in this spanish mackerel in the Burnett River.

A Bundaberg grandmother has reeled in a monster spanish mackerel in the Burnett River, with the fish measuring a metre and a half in length and weighing just over 22 kg.

The catch was a huge surprise for Robyn Thomas who said the species was not usually caught in river systems.

It was an experience she said had made her latest fishing trip with husband Kev all the more worthwhile after spending months recovering from surgery.

“Because of the surgery I haven't really been out to fish very often, Kev and I used to go a lot and we would often take the kids and grandkids,” she said.

“So on Friday I decided to head out on the river with Kev once more, we were targeting red bream but weren't getting anything.

“We put our lures in the water to have a bit of a rest for lunch and that's when all of the action happened.”

In a split second, something had latched on to Robyn's line and the moment she felt it, she knew it was big.

” It took a bit of effort, I was reeling in for about half an hour,” she said.

Robyn with her monster river catch.
Robyn with her monster river catch.

“I had to be very careful because we were only set up for small fish with light line, so it was a bit tricky.

Robyn said the sheer size of the mammoth fish had her overcome with emotion and adrenaline.

“Once we saw it was a spanish mackerel, Kev and I were absolutely ecstatic,” she said.

“It weighed just over 49lb which is about 22 kg.

“It was a very impressive fish, an amazing creature.”

The duo have been fishing for over 40 years and have caught their fair share of fish but Robyn's recent catch left them both in awe.

“Spanish mackerel are very rarely seen in river outlets and we were a fair way in from the mouth of the river too,” she said.

“It was such a shock, so unexpected.”

Robyn said she chose to take the fish home due to not being able to release the creature back into the water.

“The fish was far too tired,” she said.

“We didn't want to see a beautiful creature go to waste so we have taken it home for eating.”

The keen fisherwoman said she had made some pretty impressive catches during her time and this experience was up there with the best.

“The next best thing I have caught is four salmon which were over one metre in length,” she said.

“That was pretty unusual apparently.”

Now the excitement is over, Robyn said her next trip out would have to be one with the grandkids.

“”We absolutely love taking them out,” she said.

“We need to do it soon, especially now they know there are some big spanish mackerels to be caught!”


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