UK High Commissioner visits Bundaberg Region

British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell pays respects at the Caroline Stuttle Memorial Tree
British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell at the Botanic Gardens

The British High Commissioner's visit this week highlights the close relationship between the Bundaberg Region and the United Kingdom.

“It’s a very special visit and certainly events this morning including commemorating the life of Caroline Stuttle reminds us about the affinity we have between our communities,” High Commissioner Vicki Treadell said.

“It was a time to reflect and every time one or other of us comes to her memorial – whether it’s the rainbow one in Buss Park or the memorial tree at the Botanic Gardens – we think about our young people.

“Despite the tragedy of her death, with the Foundation her family established we’re helping many other British young people to think about their safety”.

Delegation pays respects at the Caroline Stuttle Rainbow Memorial
The British High Commission delegation pay their respects at the Caroline Stuttle Rainbow Memorial in Buss Park.

“We want them to have these fantastic travels and  journeys, but to be mindful that they need to look after themselves.”

Delegation pay respects

The delegation paid their respects at the Caroline Stuttle Rainbow Memorial in Buss Park, then travelled to the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, where the Caroline Stuttle Memorial Tree is thriving.

“The fact that this tree was planted by other backpackers with the Council and the Mayor at the time shows how we pull together as people, look after each other and we keep kindness in our hearts,” Ms Treadell said.

App to help all travellers

An app developed by the Stuttle family was highlighted by Megan Hunt, Head of Consular Services at the British Consulate in Brisbane.

“The family have developed a safety app and I would encourage you to go to their website: Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation and download the app. They have tips for safety – not only for Australia but for around the world. They should be commended for keeping our young travellers safe,” Ms Hunt said.

The app and tips for travel safety can be found on the Caroline Stuttle Foundation website here.

Hinkler House
British High Commissioner in front of Hinkler House.

Tour highlights of British High Commission delegation

The British High Commission delegation started their day with an economic development briefing and meeting with Councillors.

After the memorial visits, the High Commissioner toured Hinkler House, followed by a tour of the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks factory.

Katherine Reid from Bundaberg Tourism gave a presentation.

They then toured Bundaberg Distilling Company and Kalki Moon.

A highlight of the trip so far was a visit to the new Mon Repos Turtle Centre, where they observed five turtles laying.

The High Commissioner said it was always a pleasure to visit Bundaberg.

“We look forward to visiting again,” Ms Treadell said.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the visits were strategically important to develop UK trade opportunities for Bundaberg Region producers.


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