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Childers Pool reopens to rave reviews

Isis Memorial Pool reopened
Dozens of people turned out for a Zumba class under the Isis Memorial Pool's new shade structure

The Childers Pool reopened this morning and instantly became a hive of activity with excited residents taking advantage of the newly completed upgrade.

Mayor Jack Dempsey was one of the first to test the water and said he could now say with certainty that the upgraded facility was first class.

“It’s fantastic to see the opening here today with so many members of the community,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“I’ve just finished my Zumba class and I encourage everyone to get involved and join the activities here at the newly upgraded Childers pool.

“There’s fun for everybody and it’s great to bring new activities.

“The upgrade will mean there will be a lot more opportunities for people of all ages to get in and get active and enjoy.”

The new shade structure was a clear winner among community members with more than 50 people coming through the gates of the facility before 11am.

Childers Pool reopened
Chris, Samuel and Connor Frewen enjoyed the ability to swim in the shade at the Isis Memorial Pool

Chris Frewen and his young family also took advantage of the first day that the Isis Memorial Pool reopened.

“The new roof is really good,” Chris said.

“Get a bit of shelter for the kids which means you can stay longer and make the most of it.

“It just makes it more user friendly.

“You can come here any time of day, you’re not too worried about the sun.”

With dozens of people enjoying the facility Chris said he expected it would be a busy swim season.

“It’s the biggest turnout I’ve seen, so it’s really good.”

Childers Pool reopened
Breelyn and Gracee-May Murray-Bryant enjoyed the first day of the newly upgraded Isis Memorial Pool

Cathie Cole and Lyn Mackenzie attended a regular exercise session and said they were thrilled with the newly reopened and updated Isis Memorial Pool.

“We didn’t need hats or sunglasses this morning so it was wonderful,” Cathie said.

“It’s a wonderful temperature and it’s lovely to be out of the sun because it’s only going to get worse this summer,” Lyn added.

They both agreed that many more residents and visitors would be taking advantage of the Childers pool.

“With this heat at the moment why wouldn’t you come here especially with your family and get in the water and be able to stay in the shade?” Cathie said.

“It’s wonderful.”

While the Childers Pool has reopened in time to be enjoyed during the school holidays, an official opening will be held on January 24. For more information, read our earlier report.

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