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Bundaberg’s Rechenberg secures Australian first

Bundaberg's Rechenberg scores an Australian first
Michael Rechenberg is proud of the Bundaberg-based company's latest achievement.

Bundaberg's Rechenberg Control Room has scored an Australian first, successfully integrating visual verification with a global cloud platform into their alarm-monitoring automation system.

Alarm.com offers smart home and business solutions through home automation, alarm monitoring and video verification.

Rechenberg managing director Michael Rechenberg said he's proud of the Bundaberg company’s latest innovation.

“Being a regionally based control room in Queensland, we take great pride in everything our control room has achieved,” Michael said.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement as we’re the first control room in Australia to achieve the video verification integration”.

This new integration will be available in Australia and New Zealand and opens up a new market for the Bundaberg-based company.

“This highlights the capabilities and expertise of our control room development team with regards to third-party integration and video monitoring,” Michael said.

“We see that integration is the future of the alarm-monitoring industry”.

“We’re doing similar integrations with GPS tracking and video verification using CCTV systems.

“When our control room receives an alarm event, we’re able to respond quickly with this new integration”.

“Almost instantaneously, securely and automatically, we can retrieve any associated video events showing from a pre and post-alarm video event.

“For our customers who use Alarm.com, we can provide an advanced Alarm.com monitoring service.

“This means we can have eyes onsite faster than has ever been possible before.

“Therefore we can improve security levels and response times drastically by visually verifying the alarm.

“By also integrating visual verification, we can assist police in determining which events require priority response. This plays a big role in the new National Police Response Guidelines.”

Bundaberg company exceeds national standards

Rechenberg’s Bundaberg-based 24/7 Monitoring Control Room was set up in 1993 and has surpassed national standards.

“Not only are we built to comply with Australian grade A standards, but we also have operator response times that surpass the requirements of a grade one control room under the Australian Standard,” Michael said.

“In the event of a security alarm activation, our dedicated team in the control room acts promptly to meet predetermined instructions and get help to the premises as soon as possible.

“We also have fully redundant systems in place to ensure 24/7 monitoring is provided, no matter the situation.”