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Video captures Clancy’s rain dance at the zoo

Video: Morgan Everett

The recent rain has been a welcome relief for residents in the Bundaberg Region, including Alexandra Park Zoo's red-tailed black cockatoo named Clancy.

According to zookeeper Laura Billing, the 22-year-old bird has always loved the wet weather and often puts on a show for visitors when it rains.

Clancy Zoo.
Clancy the cocky at Alexandra Park Zoo.

“Clancy loves rain and will dance, flap his wings, crest up and making happy vocalisations when in it,” she said.

“He also loves when people stand and talk to him and will often fluff up his feathers as a sign of affection.

“However, he doesn’t enjoy being touched.”

Clancy was donated to Council in 2015 after being hand raised locally for 17 years.

He has made quite a home for himself at Alexandra Park Zoo and loves to hang out with his favourite zookeeper Laura.

She said Clancy loves a good snack just as much as he loves to rain dance, with his favourite vegetables being silver beet and peas.

Clancy zoo
Zookeeper Laura Billing with Clancy.

“He often rotates between carrot, capsicum, corn, peas and silver beet,” Laura said.

“If he has been very good he will get his favourite treat to chew on which is a gum nut.”

To find out more about Clancy and Alexandra Park Zoo click here.


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