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Council’s Lifeblood team saves 870 lives

Rosie Barton (centre) with representatives of Council’s Lifeblood Team (l-r) Robyn Silcox, Simon Muggeridge, Paul McCarthy and Renee Dewhurst.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Lifeblood champions gave the life-giving gift of 290 blood donations during 2019, saving 870 lives.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Group account manager Rosie Barton met with staff recently to thank them and present a certificate.

Council’s Lifeblood team currently includes 160 members and Rosie said she was keen to engage with more staff to increase membership.

Rosie said the current team were working hard to increase donations.

“The team not only matched the previous year’s total, but managed to increase donations, saving 30 more lives than in 2018,” she said.

Council's WHS Business Partner Paul McCarthy has been a big supporter of the Australian Red Cross.

“Our first session was in November and during that month there were an 86 percent increase in donations from Bundaberg Regional Council compared to October.”

This year Council’s Lifeblood team has a goal to increase its donations to save 1000 lives and has set a new donor target of ten, with four of those also giving plasma.

“Plasma is used to create so many lifesaving treatments, so we’re eager to see as many of our new donors jump straight on board to give plasma as well,” Rosie said.

As a current member of Council’s Lifeblood team, WHS Business Partner Paul McCarthy made 113 donations during the past 13 years and said it was a rewarding experience.

“Just recently I received a text from Red Cross Lifeblood to say my last plasma donation has already been turned into one of 18 life-giving treatments,” Paul said.

“It’s such a great sense of satisfaction to know the difference your donations are making.”

If you would like to donate blood or plasma to the Australian Red Cross, or would like to get your own team together, click here.

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