No sweeter time to support local businesses

Jakes Candy local business
The man behind the scenes at Jakes Candy is owner Bryan Rogers, who spends most of his day creating sweet treats, pulling taffy and tempering chocolate to ensure sure everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied.

The name Jakes Candy is synonymous with sweet treats and good times in the Bundaberg Region, and with Easter approaching there is no better time to hop in and support the local business.

The man behind the scenes at Jakes Candy is owner Bryan Rogers, and he spends most of his day creating sweet treats, pulling taffy and tempering chocolate to ensure sure everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied.

Jakes Candy is famous for its rich rocky road and traditional caramel fudge, and just as lead confectioner Bryan ducked out to attend to a batch of fudge he had on the stove in the onsite kitchen, he said there was love and attention mixed through every single recipe.

Most of the products sold at the local business are made on site, including the marshmallow Easter rabbits and their delicious varieties of rocky road, including the solid rocky road Easter rabbits.

Jakes Candy the biggest supplier of rocky road in Australia

On his return Bryan explained how Jakes Candy was the biggest rocky road supplier in Australia.

Jakes Candy local business
Jakes Candy owner Bryan Rogers said they are the biggest supplier of rocky road in Australia, with all the ingredients made fresh on site.

“We have just finished doing some macadamia rocky road for Mammino's out at Childers,” Bryan said.

“Jakes Candy is the biggest suppliers of rocky road in Australia, and we do between eight and nine tonnes of rocky road each year.”

Bryan said their rocky road was a hit all year round, especially with the regional show attendees as Jakes Candy supplies all the show circuits from Gympie to Mossman near Cairns.

“Everything in our rocky road is made fresh from the start,” Bryan said.

“From the marshmallow and jellies, that we make fresh on site, we use the Kingaroy peanuts, and everything else is made here on site.”

Jakes Candy’s Janelle Rogers said there were three big events a year that the confectionery store relied on to keep the local businesses doors open.

“We think it’s important to support locals, we try to source our ingredients locally where we can, we get all our macadamia nuts locally, all our milk is local, and our sugar is from Bundaberg Sugar.” Janelle said.

“We have Easter, Christmas and the show season that holds us over, especially through the quiet times.

“If these (Easter) products don’t sell it affects our entire year, people don’t buy chocolate and lollies every day of the year, chocolate and lollies are treats, and we don’t expect people to come in every day of the week to buy that sort of stuff.

Bryan said in the lead up to Easter Jakes Candy should be peaking to the busiest time of year, with stock flying off the shelves, but after the recent public health concerns around Covid-19 the family business had been quieter than usual.

“Easter is the start of our bulk turnover for the year, then the show circuit kicks along and holds us over until Christmas, before we start it all again,” Bryan said.

“This year we have heard the regional shows have been postponed or cancelled, so we will take a hit from that.

“If there are no shows, that’s our main income and keeps our staff busy all year.

“We will need local support more than ever.

“We are going to Hinkler earlier than usual for our pop-up Easter store and anyone wanting to buy local for Easter can come along and pick up their Easter treats from Monday.”

Supporting local business during tough times is important

Jakes Candy local business
Karen and Garry Schuler popped in to Jakes Candy to satisfy their sweet cravings before Easter and they both said it was important to support local business.

Locals Karen and Garry Schuler popped in to the Commercial Street candy factory to support the local business and satisfy their cravings.

Garry said it was hard not to support Jakes Candy when he enjoyed everything they made.

“It’s hard to say which is my favourite, I love it all.”

While, Karen turned to the soft creamy fudge and said she believed Garry enjoyed the coconut coverture clusters the most.

“We come here for Easter and Christmas, along with a few times in between,” Karen said.

“It’s definitely important to support small, local businesses around town.”

In the wake of the recent health concerns Jakes Candy now offers free home deliver for any Easter treats, and other products purchased over $20, to find out check out their Facebook page.