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Day in the life of zoo wallabies Toby and Rusty

Video: Paul Donaldson

While Alexandra Park Zoo has been closed to the public due to Coronavirus restrictions, the community can rest assured that the animals will be living life as per normal at the Bundaberg facility.

Curator David Flack said staff were committed to looking after the zoo's many residents to the highest levels of care and welfare for the duration of the closure period. 

“Zoo staff will still be here every day, feeding animals, providing enrichment and cleaning enclosures, and maintaining the facility until such time as we are able to open again to the public,” he said.

It's business as usual for the animals, including popular swamp wallabies Toby and Rusty.

David said the funny pair were part of a larger group featuring eight parma wallabies.

“Only the swamp wallabies have names – Toby and Rusty – and both are males and we have  seven female parma wallabies and one male,” he said.

“Toby and Rusty came to us in 2013 from Alma Park Zoo, formerly in Brisbane, while the parma wallabies came from Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas in 2014.”

Shy zoo wallabies love their veggies

David said while the two species loved spending their days together, they had a few differences in personality.

“The parma wallabies are fairly timid and hide around the waterfall during the day,” he said.

“The swamp wallabies are a bit more approachable, however Toby still prefers his distance from people. 

Video: Paul Donaldson

“Rusty was hand-raised so will approach the keepers regularly for a pat and a scratch, and occasionally to challenge us to a boxing match!”

For feed time, David said the wallaby gang loved nothing more than chewing on some veggies.

“The wallabies are provided with lucerne chaff and pellets on a daily basis, along with carrots and sweet potato,” he said. 

“They also receive a fresh mix consisting of branches of a variety of native plant species.”

To find out more about the animals at the zoo click here.

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