Ploys gives new life to used PVC

Founder of Ploys, Carin, with the punctured pool toys that started it all

What started as a desire to see old pool toys re-purposed has turned into Ploys – a thriving business for Bundaberg’s Carin Sandker (van Grunsven).

Carin said she started her Ploys business in January, initially making pencil cases.

“The idea grew from having punctured pool floaties from our own pool and finding it literally such a waste to throw them away – I could not just throw them in the bin,” Carin said.

“PVC is one of the worst products to decompose.

“It can take up to a 1,000 years for PVC to break down and in the end becomes a granular product that ends up in our land, water and oceans.

“Having these broken pool toys, I kept thinking that because it was so long lasting it was a fantastic material to repurpose into something useful.

“In January this year we made the first pencil cases, money purses and toiletry bags.

Turtle logo fits perfectly with our area

The original Ploys pencil case

“The logo for Ploys is a quirky little turtle, which was on one of the first pool floaties I used, and perfectly fits with the Bundaberg area.”

Ploys started branching out into other products, as demand grew early this year.

“After a while, I started making totebags which I fully line with recycled fabric and fit with a smartphone pocket and then started making school library bags.

The product line grew further, expanding into smartphone cases, iPad cases, backpacks and pull-cord bags, such as swim bags.

“Of course my family, particularly the kids, are the first to test the new designs and creations.

“Our 11 year old son loves his Ploys swim bag, while our 14 and 18 year old girls favour their Ploys toiletry bags and pencil cases.”

Carin and her husband Gerhard are happy to collect any broken pool toys or any PVC that people around the Bundaberg region no longer want.

“We are happy to collect punctured pool toys, airbeds or any other discarded vinyl, PVC boats or rafts locally (Bundaberg and surrounding suburbs), or further afield for larger donations.

“If people are in isolation, we can make a time that suits to do a contactless pick up.”

To arrange a pick up of your discarded PVC, or to check out their range of products available for sale, visit the Ploys Facebook page, Facebook Marketplace or via the Etsy shop.