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From vine to shower: how natural loofahs are made

Native Magic natural loofah
Native Magic loofahs start on a vine where they are picked, peeled and dried before transforming into a soft shower product.

They are the perfect tool to exfoliate the skin but you might be surprised to know the humble loofah first hangs from a vine before making its way to your shower.

Bundaberg entrepreneur April Logan uses all-natural loofahs as part of her business called Native Magic, and said the soft beauty products were actually a vegetable which grew on a vine.

“Loofahs grow on vine and once they turn yellow, are ready to pluck and peel, much like a banana,” she said.

“They are left out for a week to dry and are full of seeds, so you can save them and replant.

“When the loofah is ready for use, it will feel quite rough, however once it is wet it is lovely and soft.”

Native Magic loofah
The loofah is picked from the vine, peeled and dried.

April said loofahs (scientific name: luffa) were grown from seed and loved plenty of well-rotted manure and a trellis to climb on.

“The loofahs can grow quite large and can be easily cut with a bread knife once dried,” she said.

“The natural variety are gentle and a good way to exfoliate the skin.

“They are not as abrasive as synthetic loofahs and there is no manufacturing process because they grow on a vine naturally, meaning they are 100 per cent eco friendly.”

April said for those who wanted to try out a natural loofah, they were available in Native Magic's care packages.

She said the vegetable seeds were also available for purchase.

“We sell the seed for those who enjoy gardening to grow their own and we sell the loofahs in our Care/Mother's Day Packages,” she said.

“We have five standard Mother's Day packs, however you can custom build your own; our gift packs are stocked full of new products and of course, some old favourites.”

Native Magic loofah
A Native Magic Care/Mother's Day package featuring the all-natural loofah.

April said at Native Magic, working with nature was something her and Mum Fiona Walker had a passion for on their lemon myrtle property.

“It is a magical thing to be able to create a product from nature, especially from ingredients that have been nurtured and cared for by ourselves their whole life,” she said.

“I personally think the best reward is being able to grow my own ingredients and see them in every stage of creation.”

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