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Dog owners urged to vaccinate pets for parvo

parvovirus dog
Little Rusty has been feeling very unwell after contracting parvovirus in his Bundaberg backyard.

Bundaberg vets are urging dog owners to keep up to date with pet immunisations after a spate of parvovirus cases in the region.

In a Youtube video, Sugarland Animal Hospital‘s Dr Mike Woodham has warned the community of the potentially deadly disease after he and his staff had taken in many pets with parvovirus recently.

“We have been seeing a lot of puppies with parvovirus lately,” he said.

“Parvovirus is a devastating and often fatal disease of dogs and is really contagious.”

With a puppy named Rusty in tow, Dr Mike explained how parvovirus could be contracted easily and could even be found in your own home.

“Rusty has been diagnosed with this virus; he didn't get a chance to get all of his shots and somehow he contracted the virus from his backyard,” he said.

“Little Rusty has been really unwell and has had vomiting, diarrhoea and has lost a lot of blood in his stool.

“He is also very dehydrated and can't keep water down.”

Dog owners are being urged to keep up-to-date with parvovirus immunisations.
Video: Sugarland Animal Hospital

Dr Mike said parvovirus was a real threat to puppies like Rusty, having a major impact on their intestinal tract.

“It takes days and sometimes weeks in intensive care to get to recovery,” he said.

“It requires a number of medications via injections, hydration and isolation just to prevent the potential spread of the virus.

“Parvovirus is a devastating disease and sometimes, despite all of our efforts, we can lose a patient.”

Dr Mike said the easiest way to steer clear of parvo was to get pets vaccinated.

“A vaccination is quick, simple, inexpensive and often painless,” he said.

“Avoid the pain and devastation that comes with this virus. If you are uncertain about what to do give us a call.”

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