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Council staff gain new experiences with redeployment

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Library Assistant Wendy Clifford assists Parks & Gardens plant operator Tony Auer to water trees during the library’s pandemic closure.

When Bundaberg Library Assistant Wendy Clifford was asked if she’d like to redeploy to Parks & Gardens during the library’s pandemic closure, she jumped at the chance.

The job was to help water trees and Wendy knew this is something right up her alley.

Trees are now her new customers and Wendy says she likes attending to their needs because they’re easily pleased.

Still working one day a week in the library, Wendy loves getting out into the great outdoors.

“I love working in my garden at home so I’m really enjoying this job,” she said.

“Tree watering is very different to my usual work and getting up at 5 am for a 7 am start has taken a bit of getting used to.”

Wearing a different uniform with PPE is also different for Wendy but she isn’t fazed by jumping into a ute with a water pod on the back and heading out to wherever she’s needed.

With a focus on ensuring the young trees receive the water they need, Plant Operator Tony Auer has welcomed the extra assistance.

“When it’s dry, there are a lot of trees to get around so every bit of help I can get is great,” he said.

“Wendy works well independently so I just give her the list of locations for the day, and off she goes.”

Strategic Procurement & Supply have also appreciated redeployed assistance and have had two of Council’s regulated parking officers David Bagley and Daniel McNulty willingly lend a hand.

Supply Officer Ben Mathieson has also welcomed the help and said it’s come at a good time with a major stocktake fast approaching.

“Having David and Dan here has freed us up to do other jobs that we don’t always get a chance to complete,” Ben said.

David and Dan are grateful to be working during the pandemic and while enjoying the change of scenery, are certainly exercising their muscles a whole lot more.

“It’s vastly different compared to walking around the CBD,” said David.

“It’s a lot more physical, especially when we’re moving around heavy equipment like water pipes and larger sized cast iron fittings.”

Many more Council staff are currently redeployed to other Council areas providing valuable assistance where needed.

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