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New Korean-inspired menu At James’s Place

At James's Place new menu
Owner of At James’s Place, James Lee, has unveiled a new Korean cuisine dinner menu with a star dish that was inspired by his mother Eun Young Ju’s recipe of Seoul Bulgogi.

After three years of serving delicious burgers and breakfast, At James’s Place is getting back to owner James Lee’s roots with his mum’s signature Korean dish Seoul Bulgogi.

James said he loved giving the Bundaberg community big breakfasts and award-winning burgers, but after a little downtime during the coronavirus restrictions he was able to get back to his roots and cook up a new Korean-inspired dinner menu.

James said he was excited to announce the Korean cuisine dinner menu with a star dish that was inspired by his mother Eun Young Ju’s recipe of Seoul Bulgogi.

Eun’s signature Seoul Bulgogi was created during her time living in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

James said the busy streets of Seoul brought life to the dish which is bursting with flavours of Korean-style garlic marinade, to the tangy soy sautéed shallots and he was excited to share it with Bundaberg.

“Anyone who remembers our bulgogi burger is bound to fall in love with this new Korean experience,” he said.

“Same high-quality meat served in a whole new culinary dimension.”

James said when the COVID-19 regulations came in at the end of March, At James’s Place, like other cafes and restaurants in Queensland, closed its doors to dine-in meals and the last six weeks gave him time to step back from the pressures of running a cafe and look at his family heritage.

“During COVID-19 it was a quiet time, I had a chance to focus on my new menu,” James said.

At James's Place new menu
James Lee with employees Felicity Brown and Lachlan Fitzsimmons are excited to have a new Korean-inspired menu.

“So even during the time of crisis I remain optimistic and look at how we can offer more.”

James said as well as his mum’s signature dish, there was also a second option of Barbecue Cube Steak, which he created for his children.

“My kids wanted a dish that was both Aussie and Korean,” James said.

“So, after multiple experiments I took one of Australia’s signature ingredients – high-quality, succulent, tender beef and I came up with this hybrid dish of cube steak.

“It is infused with Korean style sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, to be served on a bed of two kinds of soft, fluffy rice.”

James said the new menu, which included his mum’s signature Seoul Bulgogi, Barbecue Cube Steak and Spicy Korean Style BBQ Pork Belly would be available during the COVID-19 restrictions from Wednesday to Saturday as a takeaway for dinner At James’s Place.

“Before we run, we like to crawl and then walk first,” James said.

“So, we are very happy to be opening to serve people after they finish work too.”