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Big boy Remington needs a family

Remington is a large boy full of love and he is looking for his forever family.

Remington is a large, gentle soul who is up for adoption and looking for his forever family.

He has good manners and will sit politely and wait for his dinner or treat.

Remington is very strong on a harness so this boy will benefit from learning to use a halti and ongoing training.

He needs to de-stress a bit from the shelter environment and, at that time, the team at Red Collar Rescue believe he will be great with another non-dominant dog.

If you like big dogs who are loving and a bit sooky, this boy might be just the perfect pet for you.

Breed: Large male bull arab mix

Age: 2 years 2 months

If you think Remington would be a great fit for you and your family contact the team at Red Collar Rescue on 0438 869 085.

You can also view Remington's profile here or contact the team via their Facebook page here.

Red Collar Rescue's main role in the community is saving dogs on death-row at local pounds and creating awareness to the public about responsible pet ownership.

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