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Bundaberg’s coldest May day on record

Bundaberg's Coldest May day
Even the pets in the region were feeling the chill as Bundaberg recorded its coldest May day on record on 23 May 2020. Photo: Mona rugged up and wishing she was watching a game of NRL on this cold winter's day.

The weather bureau predicted Saturday to be cold and it was right, as Bundaberg shivered through its coldest May day on record.

The mercury at the Bundaberg Aero for 23 May reached a maximum temperature of 13.7 degrees at midnight before dropping to 10.6 degrees at 7.30 am.

The official Bureau of Meteorology measurement for the maximum temperature for 23 May was 13.2 degrees.

The previous coldest May day on record had a maximum temperature of 16.4 degrees and was recorded on 26 May 2012.

At 5 pm the Bundaberg Aero weather station was measuring 11.8 degrees, a lower temperature than Sydney (14.3 degrees), Melbourne (12.4 degrees) and Brisbane (14.4 degrees).

The weather system that brought the cooler-than-average temperature gave those brave enough to venture out of their warm homes to the top of the Hummock a spectacular sunset view.

Bundaberg's Coldest May day
As the sun set of the coldest May day ever in Bundaberg those brave enough to venture out of their warm homes to the top of the Hummock were in awe of a spectacular sunset view.

As the system passed Bundaberg the remaining clouds reflected the setting sun to show off some of nature’s most brilliant colours in the evening sky.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology the cold air mass was drawn north to the Bundaberg Region due to a large high pressure system over the Great Australian Bight combining with a slow-moving low over the Tasman Sea.

The combination of these features maintained a cool, and relatively dry, southwest to southerly flow across southern Queensland.

Temperatures in the Bundaberg Region will increase as the system moves eastward early Sunday with the high expected to be over the Tasman Sea by Tuesday.

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