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Frank Green still making a splash at Childers pool

Frank Green
Frank Green has been swimming every weekday at the Isis War Memorial Pool for 23 years.

After a lifetime of being “knocked about” during different sports, Frank Green was given health advice to take up swimming 23 years ago and it's a passion that hasn't wavered since.

The 88-year-old Childers man is the longest returning and most consistent swimmer at Isis War Memorial Pool.

“I started swimming in 1997 when I was 65 years old on advice from my doctor,” he said.

“The doc told me I should start doing some exercise because I got knocked around a bit during previous sports that I played, like soccer, and needed to keep my health in check.”

Frank said taking up swimming wasn't easy at first.

“I could swim but I could barely do a length of the pool,” he laughed.

“This was back when Bernie Wilson was the leasee; Bernie used to walk up and down the side of the pool encouraging me along.

“From there I was completing 60 laps a session and then over 100.”

Frank said he had completed many laps at the Isis War Memorial Pool over the years and stopped counting altogether upon reaching 4,500,000 metres.

Now 88 years old, Frank still visits the Isis War Memorial Pool every day for a swim, with his wife Dot watching from the side.

“She sits there to watch me, I guess in case I don't drown,” he laughed.

“I go Monday to Friday but I only complete about 14 laps or so nowadays.

“I love swimming, I like to be fit and it is the only sport I can continue now.”

Isis War Memorial Pool manager Shelley Whitaker said it was a joy to see Frank and his wife Dot walk through the pool gates each day.

“People like Frank enjoy their swimming, they need it almost like air,” she said.

“It improves their lifestyle by helping with general health and mental health and they achieve their own goals along the way.”

Shelley said Frank and Dot came to the pool when it was most quiet.

“Dot is allocated a lane and waits for Frank, as Frank is her carer and they need to be together,” Shelley said.

“Swimming has, I believe, helped Frank to be as healthy as he is at almost 89.

“They are both lovely people and we hope Frank can continue to enjoy swimming for as long as possible.”