Community to be brought together to share stories

Our people our stories
Council's Bev Devlin and Cr Tracey McPhee discussing the upcoming ‘Our People, Our Stories' project

‘Our People, Our Stories’, a project to bring all sectors of the community together, has been granted funding from the Department of Communities.

“The project will bring together individuals and groups from across the Region, and explore the many varied origins of the people who make this Region unique,” said Council’s Community Services Spokesperson, Cr Tracey McPhee.

” We want to share the lives and stories of our local characters.  When a person’s story is shared and people connect, it naturally begins to break down barriers.

“Lifelong beliefs can be altered in an instant when we understand the other person and where they came from.

“We will collate individual stories, from all backgrounds and share them through a series of postcards. 

“Stories that are inter-generational, ethnically diverse, low and high socio-economic, business and community based, stories from people with disability and people without.

“The goal is to capture the unique stories of our lesser known residents, so we can share a true picture of our region. 

“By working with the community, we aim to build relationships, strengthen connections and create bonds of trust which will enhance feelings of belonging.

“Ultimately this will build and improve community resilience.”

The first stage of the ‘Our People, Our Stories’ project will involve face to face individual interviews and group “World Café” events, dependent on coronavirus restrictions.

These will be held around the region, including Bundaberg, Childers and Gin Gin.

From these meetings a series of postcards will be produced, featuring stories and people from around the region.

“The ‘Our People, Our Stories’ postcards will be distributed by Council, community groups and individuals – the more these stories are shared, the better understanding of one another we will have and the greater the impact will be,” Cr McPhee said.

To be included in the face to face interviews or community sessions, please contact Council’s Community Development team via email by 30 June.


  1. I am an Elder in this community ,also a member of Aboriginal Womens Group, Bundaberg Australian South Sea Island Group , I would like help in applying for funds to assist the SSI Grounds (46 Johnstone Street Bundaberg) for upgrading
    Matthew Nagas who is President now lives in Townsville FNQ
    At the moment the group has become defunct ,but I am also a member of Bundaberg Eels Football Club ,who I can auspice any funding through
    Please give me advice which way to go Thank you
    Coral Walker 0402832406

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