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New lease on life for Bundy Asian Supermarket

Owners Cheree and John Uruz
Owners Cheree and John Uruz are the new managers at the Bundy Asian Supermarket.

The new operators of The Bundy Asian Supermarket are inviting customers to give feedback about the products they want to see in store, as they seek to diversify the business.

Cheree and John Uruz took over the Bundy Asian Supermarket after the previous owners left following a robbery.

In the current COVID-19 market, Cheree said it was difficult to lease the store and rather than close the popular shop they decided to run it themselves.

“My husband and I own the building which the supermarket is in and unfortunately the previous owners here were robbed,” Cheree said.

“The poor lady was understandably so traumatised that she was unable to go back into the store, which is a real pity, because they were lovely people.

“We agreed to take over the store in the hope we could build its customer base and make it financially viable in order to continue to pay our mortgage, because the reality is that in the current COVID climate, there aren’t many people looking to lease properties and the mortgage still needs to be paid.

“We’re hoping to build the business up and we are now compiling a list from our customers to see what they love and what they would love for us to stock.

“We’re doing our best to see if we can source those products, which can be a bit difficult due to coronavirus though.

The Asian Bundy Supermarket will still provide many of the usual favourites and Cheree and John have grand plans for its future.

Those plans include a taste-testing day.

“We have added some Turkish/middle eastern products, given the floors a paint-over and have a great team who are welcoming and helpful,” she said.

“We’ve got a range of stock in here now and are getting into the Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine and possibly looking at getting products from other nationalities as well.

“We're really hoping to diversify the business and build on what we’ve already got.

“In a few weeks we’re looking at doing a taste testing day where we cook up some of the Mediterranean, Turkish and small foods like salamis, and we’ll keep people informed on our Facebook page when that happens.”

“We want customers new and old to know we’re still open, and we want to hear from you.”



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