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Local women in tourism star in podcast series

Bundaberg Tourism
Kirsty Rogers, Loni Hammond and Zoe Young get together at Ohana Winery to discuss the Advancing Women in Tourism webinar and podcast series.

Bundaberg region women in tourism are having their voices heard and opinions and experience valued, as part of the Advancing Women in Tourism Webinar and Podcast Series.

The 8-part webinar and podcast series is being produced and hosted by well-known tourism identify Kayleen Allen, Managing Director of BTLGems.com.au.

It features Loni Hammond from Kelly’s Beach Resort, Amy Gash from Lady Elliot Island, Taylor Reynolds from Bundaberg Rum, Kirsty Rogers from The Windmill Café and Zoe Young from Ohana Winery.

Bundaberg Tourism’s CEO Katherine Reid said it was an excellent series.

“This is an inspiring and insightful webinar series about the sheer grit and determination of our tourism industry,” Katherine said. 

“It really does show that although this is the worst times our beloved  industry has ever faced, business owners can see the opportunity adversity brings, particularly to review, adapt and innovate.”

Producer and host Kayleen Allen said the series had been a great success.

“As of Week 5, we had over 700 people either participate in the actual webinar or watch it the recorded version and/or listen to the podcasts,” Kayleen said.

“All the speakers including the inspiring women from Bundaberg have been well received. 

“Both Amy Gash from Lady Elliott & Loni Hammond from Kelly's Beach Resort were on the earlier first panels back in May. 

“They certainly paved the way for other participants as they honestly shared their concerns, issues and innovations.

“Taylor Reynolds from Bundaberg Rum showcased how a larger organisation needed to update their business models and adjust their marketing accordingly. 

“I am delighted to have Kirsty Rogers from The Windmill Cafe, and Zoe Young Ohana is the next two series, Tuesday 30 June and Tuesday 07 July.”

Bundaberg Tourism
Kayleen Allen, producer and host of the Advancing Women in Tourism webinar and podcast series.

Loni Hammond from Kelly’s Beach Resort said even though it had been daunting being on the first panel, it was a great experience being able to highlight very important issues.

“I chose to highlight mental health as COVID-19 has added a whole new layer to all our lives, so we need to be mindful of this and help support each other the best we can,” Loni said.

“It was a real honor to on a panel alongside some of the leading tourism product across the state and it has been great to hear everyone’s story.”

Kirsty Rogers from the Windmill Cafe and Zoe Young from Ohana Winery are both looking forward to being part of the podcasts.

“Being invited to be part of this programme is very exciting and a complete honour,” Kirsty said.

“To hear from other women in tourism and how they are getting through this difficult time is so encouraging and the positive vibes are being shared between businesswoman throughout Queensland.

“It’s great that as the restrictions are slowly lifting tourism operators are going into it with a positive mindset.”

“I plan to speak about the importance of developing strong relationships and having the confidence to rely on these networks in times of crisis,” Zoe said.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and I’m excited to learn from other successful tourism operators.”

The series has been made possible thanks to the Queensland Governments’ Advancing Women in Business initiative and is supported by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council and Tourism & Events Queensland, and each Regional Tourism Organisation, including Bundaberg Tourism.