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Snap Send Solve app a great success

Snap Send Solve
Cr Steve Cooper using the Snap Send Solve mobile app.

The Snap Send Solve mobile app has helped fix more than 1800 community issues in the Bundaberg Region over the past year.

Snap Send Solve provides an easy and convenient way for residents and visitors to report faults and issues.

It enables geo tagging and photo attachments to help authorities determine the necessary response.

Council’s portfolio spokesperson for Organisational Services, Cr Steve Cooper, said reports through the mobile app had risen to 1826 in the past year.

“Snap Send Solve has been a real success in the pubic alerting Council to issues that need fixing,” Cr Cooper said.

“Things like damaged street signs that people might see but not normally report have gone from none in the previous year to 51 in the past year.

“I saw a damaged sign myself, reported it through the mobile app, and it was fixed the next day.”

Overgrown vegetation was another issue that had increased – from no reports in the previous year to 236 reports in the past year.

“I reported an overgrown tree that was encroaching on the footpath as I was out walking and was delighted when I got notification the next day that the trees had been cut back.”

Other issues that Council has been able to act on in the past 12 months include damaged pavements, potholes, storm water and gutter problems, graffiti, vandalism and water and sewerage.

“We’re particularly pleased with the graffiti reports, because if we can deal with them quickly it discourages further graffiti,” Cr Cooper said.

Council will enter an agreement to continue using the mobile app following a resolution at this month's meeting.

For more details on the mobile app, including a video on how to use it, visit here.



  1. How do I download the app for Snap Send Solve? Tried app store without result. Cheers, Colleen

  2. Colleen and Peter,

    I saw the promo this morning, 14th July 2020 and couldn’t download the app. Did you ever get a reply or was the hype simply that?

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