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The Generator powers into podcasting

The Generator
Tamar Boas in the new podcast room at The Generator

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, The Generator co-working space has launched a podcast room.

Community manager at The Generator, Tamar Boas, noticed that her teenaged children were always listening to podcasts while doing the dishes and on the way to school.

“In recent times, it seems like everyone is plugged in with headphones on and listening to a podcast,” Tamar said.

“It’s easy to see why podcasts have become so popular.

“Unlike a video or a blog post, an online audio broadcast doesn’t involve a visual element.

“In that way it’s much easier to consume, particularly while multitasking like while commuting to or from work, doing chores or working out.”

After researching podcasting and how popular it has become in 2020, Tamar has initiated the creation of a dedicated podcast room at The Generator in Bundaberg.

“It took a couple of months of planning and implementing, but we’re pleased to say the mini recording room will be available in July,” Tamar said.

“As well as for recording podcasts, the acoustic room can be used for recording online training courses, interviews and hosting live online meetings.”

The room will be available for hire to businesses and members of the community.

Members of The Generator, including day pass users, can use the podcast room for a discounted hiring fee.

Tamar is currently engaging with local businesses and community organisations to create workshops and collaborative projects that will utilise the recording room at The Generator.

“The Generator’s regular Tuesday member’s coffee event at 10.30am is an open event and is a great opportunity to check out the space and the new podcast room,” Tamar said.

“The next Open Coworking Day is on Wednesday, August 5.

“We invite business people and those looking at starting up a business to apply for a free day pass and spend the day at the Generator.”

To find out what’s happening at The Generator visit here, call 1300 249 482 or email bundaberg@thegenerator.org.au.