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Tropical carnivorous plants eat bugs and mice

Exotica Plants
Geoff and Andrea Mansell in one of several greenhouses where they cultivate an amazing array of plants particularly Nepenthes — a carnivorous species dining on mice and insects.

Specialising in carnivorous tropical plants for more than 25 years has provided a Cordalba couple with a niche market in which they boast unrivalled experience and expertise.

Geoff and Andrea Mansell established Exotica Plants 27 years ago and during that time have positioned themselves as world leaders in Nepenthes hybridisation, cultivar selection and breeding.

Their plants have attracted a worldwide wholesale and mail-order market based primarily on the quality of the plants and the guarantees associated with supply to virtually anywhere on the planet.

The couple’s venture into exotic plants was informed by their 20-year love affair with collecting and growing Nepenthes, other carnivorous plants and exotic ornamentals, mainly as hobbyists.

Exotica Plants
Andrea Mansell with one of the many varieties of Nepenthes or Tropical Pitcher Plants grown at Exotica Plants near Cordalba. The plants are eagerly sought by international clients.

Nepenthes, or Tropical Pitcher Plants as they are commonly called because of their cup like qualities, are a really interesting genus of plants,” Geoff said.

“They are avid feeders and enjoy a diet of flies, beetles and assorted bugs. You can feed them on worms as well and some of the larger varieties regularly eat mice.

“Over the years Andrea and I have been hybridising Nepenthes and selecting numerous cultivars which has significantly expanded the variety of plants we currently have available.”

He said Nepenthes are native to Southeast Asia including Borneo, Sumatra, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and northern Australia and do particularly well in the local climate.

“We produce plants that have broad appeal to the average plant lover who may simply want colour and a unique plant that is interesting and a great topic of conversation,” he said.

“At the other end of the spectrum we also cultivate rarer plants which resonate with avid collectors. We have a very well-established delivery service which ensures buyers receive their plants in premium condition.”

A visit to Exotica Plants website and Facebook page reveals a colourful catalogue of plants.

“These have all been produced by us which demonstrates to potential buyers that it’s also possible for them to grow and enjoy these plants,” Geoff said.

Exotica Plants is required to meet stringent biosecurity standards to enable national and international distribution of its plants.

More information on Exotica Plants is available at www.exoticaplants.com.au or contact 41266 434 and mobile 0413 292 432.



  1. G’day I am a member of a “Meetup” group that I think that would find your plants very interesting. I was at your nursery years ago, found it very interesting and would like to see if we can organize a tour please. As several members are working, a day on the week end would suit us. Thank you,
    Ian Lawley

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