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New playground at Kookaburra Estate Park

05082020 Kookaburra Estate Park 01
Cr Jason Bartels at the new Kookaburra Estate Park

A new state-of-the-art playground is open at Kookaburra Estate Park in North Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Regional Councils Division 1 Councillor Jason Bartels said the new playground caters to all ages and is an improvement on the previous playground, which had reached the end of its usable life and was decommissioned. 

“Playgrounds are recognised as important spaces for children to develop self-confidence, well-being, co-ordination and orientation skills,” Cr Bartels said.

“Children learn through play, so when our team are building playgrounds, we take into consideration that playgrounds are key outdoor learning environments.

“Activities like climbing build body awareness and encourage flexible thinking, swings help with balance, playing on overhead equipment builds fine and gross motor skills, balance and judgment.”

The upgraded playground also gives children lots of opportunities to engage in free play.

The geographic location of the park has also been taken into the design of the playground and  Bundaberg Regional Council Parks and Gardens Portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said careful care and consideration had been taken in the location of the playground, due to the nature of the park and its susceptibility to flooding.

“Council has utilised the natural slope of the park to install a piece of equipment which is unique to the park and will improve play quality,” Cr Honor said.

“The upgrade ensures that the park supports the recreational needs of the surrounding community and is in keeping with Council’s current infrastructure standards.”

The playground is located on the corner of Kookaburra Street and Seagull Crescent at Kingfisher Park.

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