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Globemaster soars across Bundaberg Region

A C-17 Globemaster flew into Bundaberg this week and gave plane spotters a thrill as it made several touch and go landings.

A C-17 Globemaster flew into Bundaberg on Wednesday and gave plane spotters a thrill as it made several touch-and-go landings.

The gigantic plane has a wingspan of 51.75 metres and made several practice landings, before flying into the distance.

Airport manager Greg Barrington said the airport had hosted the C-17 a number of times before, where it can undertake touch-and-go landings in a safe but slightly challenging environment.

“This is an airport that they have regularly practised at in the past and we’ve always welcomed them,” he said.

“With a runway at 30 metres wide, it’s not particularly an airport where they’d usually land, but the runaway is in good condition and it’s long enough for a C-17 to land on.

“There are not that many planes flying around, so for those reasons it’s a good place for them to train.

“Landing and taking off is always the most important part when flying, so they undertake these touch-and-go landings to practice those skills.”

The C-17 is a large military transport aircraft that rapidly deploys troops, supplies, combat vehicles, heavy equipment and helicopters anywhere in the world.

Mr Barrington said the impressive aircraft has been a regular visitor to the Bundaberg Region, conducting touch-and-go training missions and flyovers in the past few months, and that he expected that tradition to continue.

“I think there was certainly a fair few staff and community members who came and hung off the fence when it came the other day,” he said.

“It’s certainly  nice to see them and the last time they came to visit.

“A couple of weeks ago they practise a missed approach where instead of coming from the north and going to the south they came in over Thabeban and went out over Branyan, so people shouldn’t be surprised to see a C-17 fly over their houses in that circumstance.”

The RAAF conducts training and operations in accordance with Federal and State Government guidelines.

Noise reduction and the environment are vital considerations in the planning and conduct of these flying operations, and the RAAF appreciates ongoing support of Queensland communities.

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