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Rebecca Jenner wins Kalki Moon Duathlon

Kalki Moon Duathlon
Kalki Moon Duathlon MC Dwayne McKAy congratulates Rebecca Jenner on winning the Sprint at the Kalki Moon Duathlon.

Bundaberg State High School teacher Rebecca Jenner was the first woman to cross the finish line in the Kalki Moon Duathlon on Sunday.

Hayden Small won the men's event.

The run, cycle, run event had more than 150 participants who hit the pavement at Mary Kinross Park and peddled their way around Bargara, before a second run saw them complete the first Bargara Triathlon Club race this season.

Rebecca finished the Kalki Moon Duathlon Sprint consisting of 5km run, 20km bike ride and 5km run, in 1:18.8 and she said it was a satisfying result.

“I am feeling pretty good actually, I thought I would be more tired; it was tough but comfortable,” Rebecca said.

“This is my second race since having our second kid – so it is nice to be out again, locally with all our mates as well.”

Rebecca, 30, coaches the Next Jenneration junior squad, and she said the time spent watching the younger team members cross the finish line, knowing they had given it their all, was a proud moment.

“Bargara Triathlon have done such a good job, this is the first time they have had it at this venue, and they’ve done extremely well,” she said.

Kalki Moon Duathlon
Kalki Moon Duathlon volunteer Bruce Reynolds hands Josh Vella a cup of water during the run leg of the duathlon.

“It was quite windy through part of the new section, but the roads were good to ride on.”

Bargara Triathlon Club president Troy Austin said the it was great to see such a good turn-out, and everyone had spread out and followed the COVID-19 safe protocols.

“It’s really great to see racing back on the calendar,” Troy said.

“We’ve had 156 racers today and that’s fantastic to see.”

Troy said the Kalki Moon Duathlon catered for all fitness levels and it was nice to see individuals and teams support each other to cross the finish line.

Kalki Moon Duathlon
Ellen, James and Matthew Thomas took part in the Kalki Moon Duathlon and were the second team to cross the finish line.

The Turtles event had participants aged 7 to 12 and was a 500-metre run, 2km bike ride, followed by another 500-metre run.

Give It A Try was for 13 years and older, and was a 2.5km run, 9km bike ride and 2.5km run.

Finally, the Sprint event was for 14 years and older, and is a 5km run, 20km bike ride and 5km run.

The next Bargara Triathlon will be held on 1 November, for more information check the Facebook page.

Kalki Moon Duathlon Sprint winners:


  • 1st Rebecca Jenner
  • 2nd Charlotte Davies
  • 3rd Trudy Pavey


  • 1st Hayden Small
  • 2nd Benjamin Rudd
  • 3rd Jack Millbank