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Landcare and Council to give residents 500 free trees

500 free trees
Ray Johnson among the Landcare tube stock that will be available from Bundaberg and Gin Gin Landcare Nurseries as part of of the 500 trees available under the tree voucher program.

Gardeners or anyone wanting to make an environmental difference can get on board with Bundaberg Regional Council and local Landcare groups and claim free trees to help drive Council’s One Million Trees program.

Mayor Jack Dempsey and Gin Gin Landcare president Ray Johnson last week launched the program which will result in Bundaberg and Gin Gin Landcare groups collectively providing 500 free trees for community planting.

A total of 250 vouchers will be available through an online application process and redeemable from Landcare to allow the applicant to source two trees for planting.

Speaking from the evolving rainforest pathway being established at Gin Gin Landcare Nursery near Tirroan, Mayor Dempsey said the rainforest is a great reminder of what can be achieved through the judicious planting of trees.

“The Million Trees Program aims to ensure the Bundaberg Region is maximising its abilities to support environmental elements that enhance the regions reputation as providing a desirable lifestyle.

“Trees are our future and everyone from the youngest child to the youngest at heart can play a role in greening our region for today’s residents and, importantly, for those of the future,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Being able to put a little bit of greenery into our lives is a wonderful thing. The Landcare groups are playing an important role and we gratefully acknowledge their support and generosity.”

“These groups are comprised of volunteers and they are the ones putting in the time and effort in collecting the seeds or undertaking the grafting to provide the 500 trees,” he said.

Ray Johnson said Landcare was delighted to participate in the program.

“Distributing stocks of native trees is a tangible means by which Bundaberg and Gin Gin Landcare groups are supporting the Council’s environmental initiative.”

Mr Johnson said he was confident Landcare would be able to meet the requirements of anyone wanting to participate in the free tree program.

500 free trees
Greening the region was the message being promoted by Gin Gin Landcare President Ray Johnson and Mayor Jack Dempsey at a tree giveaway announcement this week.

“We realise people live in different locations across the region with some gardeners confined to residential backyards with limited space while others are on acreage and have ample room for larger trees.

“The tube stock available will reflect those options and there is always great advice from the people at Landcare when it comes to selecting trees or other plantings suitable to individual locations.”

“Additionally, these trees, because they are local varieties, are generally drought tolerant once established,” Mr Johnson said.

“The choice of trees is quite varied with a range of fruiting trees as well as some shrubs suitable for the more compact garden.”

To secure two of the 500 free trees on offer, apply for a voucher at ourbundabergregion.com.au.



  1. Still after months no one is able to justify knocking down over 200 trees up in the Scotland Street scrubland which from the road is classed as environmental land, council owned knocked down then new ones grew, but then the bulldozer came back flattened it again and all to let the council store tarmac and dug up concrete, when there’s heaps of spare land already available for this.

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