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Botanic Gardens fence makes nature play safer

botanic gardens fence
Ava, Keagan and Bayden Callaghan enjoy the Botanic Gardens nature playground inside the safe confines of the new fence.

Experiencing all the fun that the Botanic Gardens nature playground has to offer just got safer with the area officially reopened after fencing was installed.

The fence installation is part of a range of safety improvements being made at the Botanic Gardens that will continue into the New Year.

The Botanic Gardens playground is now securely fenced on three sides in response to community concerns about its proximity to an internal road.

The safety improvement has been welcomed by residents including Marleane Johsnson who enjoys taking her grandchildren to the park.

“It’s absolutely fantastic, good for the little ones who love to run around,” Marleane said.

“We don’t have to run after them as much.

“I love the height, it’s really good for some of the bigger ones who love to climb.

“It’s very nice that it’s right here beside the road, we don’t have to look everywhere for them all the time.”

botanic gardens fence
A new fence has been installed to separate the Botanic Gardens nature playground from the internal road.

Marleane said the fence was just “peace of mind” for parents and guardians.

“It was just really difficult, especially if I was here by myself with my two or three grandchildren,” she said.

“It means that we don’t have to chase our children as much, safer for the cars going passed as well.

“They don’t have to look out for children running around and it works really well.

“It’s good that they’ve put a safety measure in place for families to come here and really enjoy the park a lot more.”

botanic gardens fence
Marleane Johnson is glad her grandchildren Ava, Keagan and Bayden Callaghan can now play more safely at the Botanic Gardens nature playground thanks to the installation of a new fence.

With the playground fence installation now complete the main Botanic Gardens entrance, on Mount Perry Road, has reopened to the public.

The installation of a new pathway has also improved accessibility to Hinkler Hall of Aviation and the nature playground.

Work is set to continue on the wider safety project in February.

At this time, the entrance fencing and signage will be updated to include signage for each of the attractions within the gardens to promote the wide variety of activities available within.

The entry upgrade has been scheduled to begin early next year for completion by June.

All Botanic Gardens facilities will remain open throughout the works.

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