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Bargara dust issues raised

Bargara dust
One of the residential housing construction sites at Bargara.

Bundaberg Regional Council staff are talking to builders and contractors at Bargara housing developments about dust suppression during current windy conditions.

Development assessment manager Richard Jenner said there's been an upswing in community complaints.

“We've had a number of calls from the Moodies Road area and around the Palm Lakes Village,” Mr Jenner said.

“There's a lot of construction activity in that area.

“We've been monitoring the situation and wind gusts have been recorded up to 50kmh.”

Divisional representative, Cr Greg Barnes, said the issue worsened on Sunday when it was difficult to address.

“I can fully understand and appreciate how the affected residents feel during this period of strong northerly winds, which is picking up the dust from large expanses of open land,” Cr Barnes said.

“Council officers are now working collaboratively with a number of stakeholders to initiate mitigation methods as best as they can.”

Mr Jenner said construction managers were being asked to review their dust suppression strategies and adapt to the conditions.

“That generally means wetting the ground with trucks, but some of them are also looking at possible emulsion techniques to put a hard crust on the dirt so it doesn't blow,” he said.

“Part of the issue is there's a lot of bare ground where there's no active construction taking place.”

Mr Jenner said dust from agricultural areas also contributed to the problem, which is being exacerbated by smoke from various fires.

“We understand this is having an adverse impact on residential areas and we're working with the site managers to make sure their dust strategies are as effective as possible,” he said.



  1. Its from greensills, red dirt directly North of the area in concern. council would never say anything to them about it though..

  2. Matt, the dust that Bargara residents are suffering is not from Greensills, and as far as Greensills is concerned they are doing a great job and it is fantastic to see that level of investment. Greensills are not the ones building huge mountains of dirt then even driving up on it with loaders and trucks the dust is flying through the air, it is damaging to homes, health we cannot use our pool, our patio area, our outdoor furnishings are covered with a thick layer of black dirt, we cannot even put the washing on the line! The construction contractors on these new subdivisions are just not putting enough water on the ground, and why on earth do they build a “mountain of dirt”? Never before have we experienced dirt like this, it is not dust it is soil!

  3. It’s not just Bargara effected. Do hope you are also taking heed of the dust arising from the construction of the “Green Waste Facility” which is blowing over Innes Park.

  4. It’s just the wind, we are getting dust and dry vegetation blowing in from, Coonarr, Alloway and Calavos from the farms being so dry, hope we get some rain to settle things down.

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