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Hard work pays off at South Kolan

In our Garden
Di McGregor in her garden with a beautiful hibiscus
In our Garden

Today we look at a special garden at South Kolan that is thriving after 16 years of hard work and TLC…with some help from bore water and fertiliser.

When Di McGregor bought her “piece of paradise” at South Kolan 16 years ago she was happy with the structure of the garden, but knew she had a lot of hard work ahead of her.

“The place was not only very overgrown, it was also full of lantana,” Di said.

“That was a challenge that took a couple of years, but I've finally eliminated it – a task and a half!”

The garden revealed its beauty as Di continued to clear away the weeds and noxious plants.

“I loved the place as it was then, but as I cleared more this incredibly beautiful space opened up.”

Di’s pride and joy is the lawn, which is green and lush despite the dry, hot weather.

In our Garden
Di McGregor’s garden is an oasis for all who visit

“Most of the work is on the lawn and keeping it as nice as I can, which has been more of a challenge the last couple of years with it being so dry,” Di said.

“While I'd love to keep the whole yard green I'm very conscious of water usage, even bore water, and just maintain it around the house.

“I water at night and the yard seems to thrive with that…oh and good fertiliser!

“I'm very lucky to have a really good bore.”

While the bore has been a lifesaver, not all plants thrive on its water.

“Some plants don't do well with the bore water so I have to be a bit selective if I do add more.

“I tend to select plants that are easy care.

“I like that the hibiscus only need a good prune once a year.”

In our Garden
A delightful feature in Di McGregor’s garden

A feature of Di’s garden enjoying a new lease of life is a gum tree.

“Sadly, I had to have a gum tree removed due to its size, but, incredibly, it is now regrowing.

“It reminds me of the resilience and tenacity that I’ve had to have at times when I was clearing sections of the yard.

“Especially as I’ve done 99% of the clearing by myself, which at times, as a vertically challenged person, was quite difficult!” Di joked.

The hard work has certainly paid off, with Di’s lawn and easy care garden now being a tranquil oasis for all who visit.

In our Garden
Di McGregor and beloved dogs Nikki and Ally in her garden

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