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Miniatures exhibition always one of the biggest

Bundaberg Art Society miniatures exhibition
Bundaberg Art Society members are busy creating artwork on the small side for their annual miniatures exhibition that will open in February.

Artwork of a smaller scale puts on a big show each year at Bundaberg Art Society’s annual miniatures exhibition.

With less than a month to go before the miniatures exhibition opens, local artists are busy creating some of the most detailed and intricate of works.

Bundaberg Art Society president Marilyn Batty said the popular miniatures exhibition enabled local artist to contribute a number of their pieces, as they are smaller and often created at a faster pace.

Long-time Bundaberg Art Society member Eleanor Herd doesn’t let age become a factor as she quickly whipped up more than half a dozen watercolour paintings of her great-grandchildren within a few days for the upcoming exhibition.

“It was just Wednesday when 89-year-old Eleanor said she’d knock me up some artwork for the exhibition, and she dropped them off on Saturday – so it only took her a few days to create all of these,” Marilyn said.

“Eleanor said she was watching her great-grandchildren at the beach at Woodgate and created these from that.”

Marilyn said community members would normally be enticed to purchase more than one piece of artwork at the miniature exhibition.

“Once a year we have our miniatures exhibition, and it is usually one of our better-selling exhibitions as everyone can usual find somewhere that needs a small piece of artwork,” Marilyn said.

“The pieces are under the maximum size of 100mm x 100mm square, or anything that fits into that.

“And we find that people will create sets that go together, and people will want to buy all of them.

“We had almost 100 pieces in last year’s exhibition and it could be quite more this time.”

Bundaberg Art Society miniatures exhibition
Bundaberg Art Society president Marilyn Batty shows newest member Karen Walden some of the artwork that will be in the miniatures exhibition.

Bundaberg Art Society’s newest member Karen Walden said it had always been a goal to join the local art organisation and she was keen to create a miniature piece to be included in the next exhibition.

“It’s been on my bucket list to join the art society for a long time, and today is my first day,” Karen said.

“I’ve been volunteering in the local art scene for close to 10 years.

“I’m technically a textile artist, but today I am learning watercolour as I want to play, have fun and learn, because it is therapeutic.”

Marilyn said they were always looking for more members and anyone interested could contact the society.

Bundaberg Art Society’s annual miniatures exhibition will open at Hazzard Gallery on 19 February. To find out more visit the Bundaberg Art Society Facebook page.