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Smiley face signs moved to Bargara, Elliott Heads

Smiley face signs
The traffic signs light up with a green smiley face to encourage good driving behaviour.

Smiley face signs are lighting up the region's coastal roads to promote road safety awareness and good driver behaviour within the community.

Bundaberg Regional Council roads and drainage portfolio spokesman Cr Bill Trevor said the devices were currently located in Bargara and Elliott Heads and are programmed to reflect the speed limit of the road.

“Motorists who are speeding as they approach the sign will be flashed with a frown face, while those drivers who are within the speed limit will be rewarded with a smiley face,” he said.

“While most drivers do the right thing, this fairly simple concept is adding an extra layer to road safety, encouraging good driver behaviour and reminding those who speed to slow down.”

Smiley face sign
A red frown face is displayed on the sign if the approaching driver exceeds the speed limit.

Cr Trevor said the Smiley Face Signs Project had been ongoing for three years, with the devices continuously relocated to different parts of the region.

“These signs can be moved between 12 locations in our region and stay in each location for approximately two months at a time,” he said.

“They have previously been featured in Woodgate, Innes Park, Bundaberg South and the Bundaberg Hospital precinct.

“Now located along The Esplanade of Bargara and Lihs Street in Elliott Heads, we hope the signs will continue to promote good driver behaviour messaging in our coastal areas.”

Cr Trevor said Council had received plenty of positive feedback about the signs.

“It seems to be working quite well,” he said.

“Many drivers are reacting to the signs by adjusting their driving habits, slowing down and becoming more aware of their surroundings.”



  1. I love these signs and cannot stop myself smiling back, especially if presented with the Smiley Face on approach. As childlike as it may seem, if greeted with a Frown Face, I quickly slow down, Smily Face acknowledges I have done the right thing – an instant reward and not heavy handed. By changing the location in rotation, keeps the road safety message fresh and welcomed. The more the better scattered around.

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