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Immersive Skirmish development proposed

skirmish development
The development of a skirmish facility, Immersive Skirmish, has recently been proposed.

A development application for an outdoor recreational skirmish facility has recently been submitted to Bundaberg Regional Council.

The material change of use application, organised by Insite SJC on behalf of their client Immersive Skirmish, outlines details of the new proposed facility to be located on Buxton Road, just north of the Isis River.

If the application is approved, Immersive Skirmish will be situated on 40 hectares of land and include playing fields, a function area, reception, toilets and a canteen.

Immersive Skirmish owner Chris Crabb said skirmish was an exciting and adrenalin pumping team-building activity played in a large outdoor area.

“Predominantly, you have two teams which battle it out for one objective, which could be both teams aim to capture a flag to take it back to there base,” he said.

“Whoever does this first wins the round.

“Like other sports, it brings a competitive edge for two or more teams competing against each other outdoors, while also appealing to families and giving them options to enjoy an outdoor physical sport.”

Skirmish development environmentally conscious

Chris said not only would Immersive Skirmish offer a fun activity for participants, the business was also conscious of the surrounding environment.

“The gel balls that are fired by the markers are totally biodegradable and are made from gelatine capsules filled with polyethylene glycol, which is a substance found in cough medicine, toothpaste etc.” he said.

“The capsules break down naturally and, to a practical extent, would have no impact on the environmental values of the site.”

Chris said he wanted to bring his new skirmish business to the region because of the great opportunities available.

“We decided to relocate to the area as we love the fantastic outdoor lifestyle this region has to offer,” he said.

“We see a lot of potential and growth in the region and saw a need in the area to help the youth, unemployed, charities, tourists, locals, any one really who wants to get active, meet new friends and embark in a fun filled day out.”

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  1. I do not support the proposed Skirmish development. I believe such “games” encourage aggressive and possibly violent behaviour particularly because pretend guns are used to shoot at people. You only have to look at the situation in America where guns are legal – how lucky we are that no legislation such as this exists here. There are far better games for people to play which encourage the team ethic than shooting at each other.

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