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Dolphins filmed frolicking in Burnett River

Dolphins Burnett River
Rhianna Erin was en route to school drop off when she spotted dolphins in the Burnett River.

A small pod of dolphins has been filmed frolicking in the Burnett River this morning, swimming gracefully past the anchored boats as they made their way downstream.

Bundaberg woman Rhianna Erin said she was riding her bike with her children on the way to school drop off when they noticed the animals break through the water.

“The kids and I were really excited to see the dolphins,” she said.

“We were actually running a bit late for school but I felt an experience like that was worth being a little later for.

“I think any time you get to see a dolphin in the wild is special.

“It's important for the kids to also value these experiences while giving wild animals their own space.”

Video captured by Rhianna Erin of Dolphins in the Burnett River.

Rhianna said the three dolphins appeared to be feeding before making their way downstream.

It's not the first time the local woman said she had spotted the creatures in the area.

“I saw three dolphins in the river just downstream of the River Cruise cafe just last month at around 9am,” she said.

According to the Department of Environment and Science, the Bundaberg Region is home to four species of dolphin.

These include the Australian snubfin, Australian humpback, offshore bottlenose and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin.

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