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Mobile phone drop-off points help recycling initiative

Mobile phone waste
Amber Hogan and Richard Dawe recommend using the mobile phone recycle bin at the University Drive Waste Facility.

Recycling old, unwanted mobile phones has never been easier, with Bundaberg Regional Council offering drop-off points at 10 waste facilities throughout the region.

Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Tanya McLoughlin said in a day and age where mobile devices were in such high demand, it was important to know how to recycle them properly when no longer needed.

“These days almost every household has at least one mobile phone and, with these devices being upgraded every few years, you can imagine just how many mobiles are turning up at our landfill sites and potentially harming our environment,” she said.

“The batteries in mobile phones are of particular concern because of the risk they pose in causing fires in landfills.

“One way we can reduce that risk is through recycling, which allows the components of old devices to be reused instead of being dumped and forgotten about.”

Cr McLoughlin said all makes and models of mobile phones were accepted at the waste facility drop off points, as well as other electronic devices.

“Mobile chargers and accessories as well as wearables including smart watches and fitness trackers are all accepted,” she said.

“These devices can be dropped off all year round at one of our ten waste disposal facilities, which will then by passed on to organisation Mobile Muster for recycling.”

Drop off your devices to help the environment

Mobile phone waste
Amber Hogan popping a phone into the mobile phone recycle bin.

According to a Mobile Muster spokesperson, when a phone is recycled the components are transformed into valuable materials for reuse.

“All the metal, glass and plastic that has gone into making your mobile phone has the potential for a second life,” the spokesperson said.

“The recycling program recovers over 95% of the material from old phones and accessories, which are then used in the manufacturing new products.

“This process reduces the impact of mobile phones on the environment by avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and conserving our natural resources.”

Mobile Muster has recycled well over 1,500 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories, including 14 million handsets and batteries.

“If you have an old mobile phone at home going to waste think about recycling it today. You will be helping reduce the impact on the environment of tomorrow,” the spokesperson said.

Find out more about the recycling process of Mobile Muster here.

To know more about how to clear the data on your phone before taking it to a drop off point click here.

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