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Residents invited to Washpool Creek drop-in sessions

Washpool Creek naturalisation
Concept designs show Washpool Creek transformed into a thriving natural waterway to be enjoyed by the entire community

Residents are invited to Design Your Creek drop-in sessions as work progresses to return the Washpool Creek corridor into a thriving waterway that will also become an attractive, usable recreation space.

Washpool Creek, which runs from Ford Street and into the Lake Ellen Heritage Hub area before meeting with Bundaberg Creek, was once a natural creek with a diverse ecosystem.

Today, it’s a concrete drain that offers little community or environmental value.

Bundaberg Regional Council environment portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said the Washpool Creek Naturalisation project would see the area restored.

The innovative project will improve the quality of stormwater, providing environmental benefits, but also provides the opportunity to create a green and welcoming recreation area with increased interaction with nature.

“This project is not your regular drainage upgrade,” Cr Honor said.

“The Washpool Creek drainage corridor represents a significant area of land in the heart of Bundaberg that could be far better utilised by the community than simply set aside for drainage.

“While the creek’s ability to adequately divert and direct stormwater will still be the primary objective of the project, we want to work with the community to also create a space that will be enjoyed by all.”

Cr Honor said the Washpool Design Your Creek drop-in sessions would be interactive information days and would provide an opportunity for residents to share local knowledge.

“People can come along, view large maps of the creek area to understand its extent and look through examples of what this area could become.

“We’re also interested to hear first-hand accounts of how the area responds to wet conditions to use this local knowledge as part of our planning.

“In terms of the future recreational use of the area residents will have an opportunity to help us prioritise the inclusions of the updated space.”

Attend a Design Your Creek drop-in session between 3 pm and 5 pm on Friday 21 May or 8 am and 11 am on Saturday 22 May.

Washpool Creek drop-in session
The Washpool Creek drop-in sessions can be accessed via Baldwin Swamp or the Lake Ellen playground carpark

For anyone unable to make the drop-in sessions, feedback can also be provided online at ourbundabergregion.com.au.

Construction of the Washpool Creek Naturalisation project is expected to commence in early 2022 and is estimated to take about five months to construct, subject to weather.

The Washpool Creek Naturalisation project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Government’s through the Local Economic Recovery Program.

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