Parks planning and project team score winning idea

basketball courts
Council's Parks Projects and Assets Coordinator Mike Paul (left) and Council painter Ian Bryer at the Childers Skate Bowl Park holding one of the templates used to mark lines at the basketball court.

Council's Parks Planning and Projects team has come up with an innovative idea to help maintain basketball courts in the region’s parks.

Coordinator Mike Paul said the team identified a solution to overcome some issues they were experiencing with line marking the basketball courts.

“When reviewing Council assets and life costs we’re always looking at ways we can save money and value add,” Mike said.

“We needed to repaint the line marking on Council’s community basketball courts and getting contractors was difficult.

“That’s when I came up with the idea to make line marking templates.

“This meant we could complete the work inhouse thanks to the assistance of our Council painters, without having to wait for a contractor.

“I sketched out the design and spoke to Willplay who cut the templates from 3mm aluminium sheeting.

“We tested the templates and found they don’t warp or buckle and made the lines easy to paint.

“The procedure is not only faster but has resulted in cost-savings for Council.

“This will be our process going forward.”

Maintaining the region’s parks has many benefits and Mike says it's a way of bringing people out to enjoy the outdoors.

“Having parks and outdoor spaces that look new and updated is part of our renewal program,” he said.

“The line marking on courts fade over time and if we want to encourage children to get out and play, it’s important we keep the marking up to date.

“We’ve ensured the courts are marked to National Basketball Association standards which is what’s been asked for by the community.

“Kids will actually use them because the lines we have on our courts are similar to what they have when they play on a proper court at school.”

So far, line marking has been completed at Council basketball courts in Childers at the Skate Bowl Park, Palm Park in Bundaberg, and in Buxton. 

Courts at other parks within the region are also on the agenda.