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Positive community response to Green Solutions

Green Solutions
Cr Vince Habermann, Cr Tracey McPhee, Mayor Jack Dempsey and Greensill Farming managing director Peter Greensill officially open Green Solutions Wide Bay.

Green Solutions Wide Bay officially opened its state-of-the-art, high-tech green waste facility on Saturday morning.  

Managing director Peter Greensill said response from the local community for the free green waste facility had been outstanding since operations began in March.

In the first few weeks of the doors opening, Peter said Green Solutions Wide Bay had created 200 tonnes of compost, which had quickly ramped up to 400 tonnes.

He said the team was excited knowing the end product would end up back in the soil to rejuvenate the land.

Peter said the idea of leaving the land in the condition as it was found, or if not better, had been a priority for some years.

“It’s been many years in the making. Thinking about how we can sustainably do what we do every day so when we pass, we can have the land go on to the next custodians in a better way, a more fertile way than we found it,” he said.

“I’ve always had a bit of a thirst of how we could do things better, in a way that is more sustainable and allows us to be a little kinder to our planet each and every day, while improving the economic value of our land.”

Peter said the compost product produced at Green Solutions Wide Bay was a remarkable tool that allowed farmers to repair some of the damaged caused over the years.

He said the impact on the land could now be repaired by returning some of the carbon that had been lost over the generations through compost.

Peter said the end goal would be to create 40,000 tonnes of compost a year, which would make a big difference to farming soils across the region.  

He thanked Bundaberg Regional Council for the support of the project.

Green Solutions
Mayor Jack Dempsey, Cr Tracey McPhee and Greensill Farming managing director Peter Greensill officially open Green Solutions Wide Bay.

Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated Greensill Farming on the official opening of Green Solutions Wide Bay.

He said creating green waste compost was environmentally friendly, as it reduced waste to landfill and created a circular economy.

“This is an exciting time,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The new facility provides a foundation and inspiration for other initiatives which will benefit our community and the environment.

“It offers a convenient opportunity for Bundaberg Region residents to drop off their green waste at no cost.”

Mayor Dempsey said Bundaberg Regional Council shared the aim of Green Solutions, to provide easy, transparent and effective access to a green waste facility for residents and businesses.

“Council is looking at ways to assist with the collection and transport of green waste,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It’s been exciting to see the Windermere Road site transform over the past 12 months and now accepting green waste from the general public free of charge.

“Council recognises the importance of converting the region’s green waste into sustainable uses such as compost, bio-energy and bio-manufacturing.

“It’s important that we reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and leave our region a better place for future generations.

“Congratulations to everyone involved with establishing and operating Green Solutions Wide Bay.”

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  1. Congratulations on a significant milestone for your company it is an outstanding facility and I have watched it come to fruition .Well done Peter andcteam

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