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Fresh new look for SSS Strawberries

SSS Strawberries
New shop at SSS Strawberry farm for visitors. Source: SSS Strawberries Facebook

The SSS Strawberries farm shop has a fresh, modern look providing a larger space to support growing demand and new products, including a dessert menu.

Toan Nguyen, Chief Financial Officer at SSS Strawberries said they had added a range of new offerings to their new shop.

“We’ve added an outdoor sitting area to cater long-distance travellers and locals to stop, enjoy a cup of coffee, ice cream, sweet strawberries and some quality time out,” he said.

“We are also preparing a delicious dessert menu including strawberry milkshakes, chocolate coated strawberries and many other desserts that will be available soon.”

Since opening the new shop, they have hired extra staff to assist in maintaining the extra space.

“We have hired two new local employees to assist us in maintaining the shop,” Mr Nguyen said.

“We welcome customers to a newly revamped shop where they can buy fresh 100% ripe strawberries, hot foods, and cold beverages.

The new store at SSS Strawberries. Source: SSS Strawberries Facebook

“Customers will be able to take home some of the best strawberries picked and sorted by the team.”

The team of experts are meticulous in their selection of the finest fruits, with the sole purpose of providing the best strawberries to customers, ripe to full sweetness and ready to eat right away.

Besides the freshly picked strawberries, SSS Strawberries also stock ‘Gina’s Table’ featuring freeze dried strawberries, a variety of drinks, chocolate dip sauce, souvenirs, other fresh local produce and coffee.

The farm has over 140 acres, growing over four million strawberry plants, making SSS Strawberries one of the largest strawberry growers in Australia.

Mr Nguyen said the team and family at SSS were always planning for growth and giving back to the community, with many exciting projects in the pipeline.

The store is open every day from 7am to 5pm from May to November including public holidays.

SSS Strawberries is currently running a competition to win 1 Kilogram of strawberries just by taking a photo in front of the new store.

Find out how to enter here.

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