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Developing resilient leaders in the Bundaberg Region

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Bundaberg Tourism is proud to commence the second round of the Bundaberg Region Resilient Leadership & Mentoring Program, a key part of their COVID support programs.

Bundaberg Tourism is commencing the second round of the Bundaberg Region Resilient Leadership & Mentoring Program, a key part of its COVID support programs.

As the challenges of the past 18 months continue to impact the tourism industry, the importance of developing confident and resilient leaders to navigate adversity continues to be pertinent for the community.

The exciting initiative started recently and will develop leaders amongst professionals from the tourism, not-for-profit and business sectors in an integrated learning coaching and mentoring process.

The program was initially developed to assist the Bundaberg community in the face of natural disasters such as bushfires and floods, however the current pandemic has made it even more significant, with the second round over-subscribed and 20 participants selected to participate through a competitive application process.

The program will be delivered in partnership with the Institute for Tourism Leadership Australia, and will comprise sustainable, evidence based, leading-edge leadership training and has been made possible through a successful grant application under the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, Community Development Program.

Katherine Reid, Bundaberg Tourism CEO, said Bundaberg was a deeply resilient community, having rallied after floods, fires and natural disasters for many generations.

“However, the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic has impacted the tourism industry and many others in new and deep ways, and the Program is important in strengthening our resilience as we work our way through a second year of personal and professional disruption.”

Participants will take part in a series of workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions, which will focus on:

  • Resilient Leaders: emotional intelligence, personal resilience levels, understanding neuroscience and our behaviours and reactions under stress;
  • Resilient Teams: creating engaged and positive workplace cultures, social communication styles and problematic personality styles;
  • Certified Resilience Mentors: practice and training to become certified mentors, how to help others; and
  • Networking Event: the perfect opportunity to allow participants to share their learning with others, show personal development and a time to celebrate the leadership program, your own growth, and the progression towards a more resilient region.

Graduates from the first round of the Program, held during the national lockdown in 2020, will take active roles of resilience mentors for the program participants and for the community in the future.

“The success of the program lies in its long-term impacts within the community, with the graduates developing their resilience and influence and mentor others across the community over the coming years,” Ms Reid said.

“The Resilience Mentors will strengthen our adaptive capacity to manage sudden change, and disruption, create industry connectedness and to flourish as a resilient region.

“Empowering and igniting passion within this new group of mentored leaders as in the previous group provides our community the preparedness to rally and recover from future disasters, creating a stronger, more resilient region.”

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