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The Library Bar set to shake up the CBD

the library bar
Jayden Baldwin and Jeremy Irwin who will be opening The Library Bar coffee shop on Saturday.

Local residents Jayden Baldwin and Jeremy Irwin are opening The Library Bar coffee shop on Saturday, offering residents a new space to enjoy a premium coffee and a good book in the CBD.

Located at 126 Bourbong Street, the business will initially open as a trendy coffee shop before an expansion reveals a whisky and cocktail bar further into the space, to be completed in the coming weeks.

Serving exclusively Veneziano coffee, Jayden and Jeremy said that they wanted to create an atmosphere similar to a Melbourne coffee bar in the centre of the Bundaberg CBD.

“We are using Veneziano coffee roasters who started in Melbourne, and we will be the exclusive shop to get this coffee in Bundaberg,” Jayden said.

The duo said the name of the new venue, The Library Bar, was centred around a theme of books with a small book exchange service also featured in the coffee shop space.

“The books here are able to be taken if there is one that catches your eye,” Jeremy said.

“We just ask that you bring in a book to swap to make sure there is always something for everyone.”

the library bar
Jayden Baldwin and Jeremy Irwin who will be opening The Library Bar coffee shop on Saturday.

Both Jayden and Jeremy have varying business backgrounds which they say is helping to bring very different but complementing skillsets to the new shop.

“Neither of us have worked solely in hospitality, we have both been in the industry here or there but have explored other options as well,” they said.

“We love the idea of creating a great atmosphere and being able to meet and connect with new people on a daily basis and just make that happy moment for people.

“No two days will ever be the same here at The Library Bar.”

The duo have plans to also provide a late night coffee offering, something they said was currently lacking within the city.

“We look forward to being able to open up further seating and possibly extend our trading hours to provide a late-night coffee service,” they said.

“The option to get a good coffee late at night isn’t something that Bundaberg currently has.”

Jayden said the next section of the space was due to be launched in the coming weeks.

“There also aren’t many places to go in town that have a whisky bar or a city vibe, where you can go and chill and listen to great music and have good drinks, so we will see what happens there,” he said.

The coffee shop opens at 7am on Saturday, 28 August at 126 Bourbong Street.

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