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Buy local with Moore Park Beach voucher scheme

Moore Park Beach vouchers
Alan Corbett and Cherie Johnstone at Moore Park Beach Holiday Park with the vouchers.

Visitors to Moore Park Beach will be encouraged to spend their money locally under a new scheme developed to boost business in the region.

The Moore Park Beach Voucher Scheme is an initiative of the MPB Community Association and will support businesses by offering overnight travellers two complimentary $5 vouchers to spend locally.

The association's vice president Alan Corbett said the vouchers would be given to the driver of each vehicle whose occupants book in for at least one night at the local caravan park, motel or any other accommodation venue in the beach community.

“The aim is to encourage more visitors to shop locally while they stay in our beautiful part of the region,” he said.

“The Community Association runs a not-for-profit second-hand shop called The Hub at 63 Sylvan Drive and proceeds from the sales of its goods will meet the costs of this voucher scheme.

“At the end of the month or at any time after that, a participating business will need to place their vouchers and bank details into a sealed envelope and hand it to the volunteers at The Hub.

“These envelopes will then be transferred to the Association’s Treasurer for a direct transfer bank payment.”

Moore Park Beach voucher
Alan Corbett at Moore Park Beach Holiday Park with the vouchers

Alan said the concept was a win-win for all involved.

“It means our visitors get a bit more bang for their buck when they choose to stay in Moore Park Beach and our businesses get more exposure with tourists spending their money locally,” he said.

“We have 16 businesses covering a range of services that have signed up to be part of the scheme, which is just fantastic.

“Their names and location are all listed on a brochure which will accompany the vouchers.

“Moore Park Beach has so much to offer and this is one way we are getting the word out there about our fantastic local services.”

The Moore Park Beach Voucher Scheme began on September 1.