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Yvonne is Buxton’s fundraising superstar

Yvonne Buxton volunteer
Buxton resident Yvonne Garnham says she gets the most satisfaction out of volunteering and helping others.

Yvonne Garnham is a volunteer and fundraising superstar in the Buxton community, spending her time supporting others through the Buxton Friendship Association and Buxton Rural Fire Brigade.

It’s something she has always had a passion for and although she has worked many paid jobs throughout life including bar and hotel manager, Yvonne said she gets the most satisfaction out of volunteering and helping others.

“I started fundraising the day my kids started kindergarten, and my eldest is now 50 years old,” she said.

“It’s about the satisfaction that you get by helping others.

“If everyone was better at giving it would be a better place to live.”

Yvonne's profile is part of Bundaberg Regional Council Our People Our Stories project which aims to connect and celebrate the local community.

Yvonne has lived in Buxton for six years and helps to give back to the community by organising raffles and cent sales through her membership at the Buxton Friendship Association.

She has also fundraised enough money for the local rural fire brigade to purchase an extra vehicle.

Yvonne Buxton volunteer
Yvonne is always on hand to lend her time and support.

“We hold four dinners a year that fundraise towards the rural fire fighters,” she said.

“All the leftovers get made into bubble and squeak and given to the oldies who can’t attend.”

Yvonne is also support worker for the Buxton Rural Fire Brigade and on Australia Day each year she gets great enjoyment out of helping to cook breakfast to make sure everyone is fed.

She was part of the team of supporters who were on hand to keep fire fighters from across the region hydrated and fed during last year’s Woodgate fires.

Yvonne said she would always be there to support others for as long as she could.

“I’m not giving up; I have no intentions of giving up,” she said.

“There is plenty to do if you want to do it and you’re never too old or too young to volunteer.”

Yvonne Buxton volunteer
Yvonne is a support worker for the Buxton Rural Fire Brigade