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Bowls results and news from around the region

Bowls results and news
On the green at Moore Park Beach Bowls Club.

From Bundaberg to Moore Park and Bargara to the Burnett, check out all of the results and news from bowls clubs around the region.


Results – Monday 11th October
Turkey Pairs – Winners of Both Games: D. Brady and V. Sauer; runners up B. and S. Burgess. Winners of First Game M. Kernick and P. Farrell; Winners of Second Game H. Stauffer and W. Horn.

Thursday 14th October – Mens Pairs: Winners V. Sauer and D. Harrison; runners up J. Reitzenstein and P. Sexton; 2nd runners up K. Hiley and P. Farrell; 3rd runners up J. Mathews and A. Armond; 4th runners up D. Fielding and D. Raggert. Sportsman’s F. Plant and B. Dunn; 2nd Sportsman’s G. Miles and K. Fitzgerald; 3rd Sportsman’s G. Pearce and R. Hoiberg; 4th Sportsman’s A.Powell and G. Hutchinson.

Men’s “A” Triples 1st Round: R. Hoiberg, G. Miles and W. Waugh def B. Hearn, P. Pitt and A. Powell; G, J and C Fehlberg def J. Christodoulou, R.Bedford and R. Price. Second Round: G. Charteris, M. Tonkin and G. Silverthorne def Rob Perhouse, R. Alder and G. McGrail.

Sunday 17th October – Open Pairs: Winners L. Dunn and L. Beale; runners up S. and T. Merritt; Sportsman’s D. and B. McCarthy.

Coming Events: Mondays Turkey Pairs: Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs 2 Games of 11 Ends 1pm Start.
Tuesdays Ladies Social Bowls 1pm Start.
Thursdays Men’s Pairs 1pm Start.
Sundays Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs 1pm Start.
Remaining Games of the Men’s Triples, by arrangement during the week.


Margaret Bailey’s Memorial Day 2021

Overall – D. Rowatt, A. McMahon and G. Carson
Runners up – J. Noll, R. Vanderwall, G. Gunn; D. Fox, A. Nathan; D. Franklin, B. O'Neil; R. Bailey, R. Gould, P. Fox
Sportspersons – B. Trudgian, L. Townson, Gail Rae
RAFFLE: B. Jones, M. Jackson, Jan McGuirk, L. Lovatt, B. O'Neill

S. Morton, L. Kronk, G. Gunn d. J. McKechnie, H. Hart, B. Trudgian
B. Patterson, R. Death, S. Fryer d. L. Haggart, D. Rowatt, B. Shearing
C. Davis, R. Gould, A Strowger, L. Browne lost to D. Brear, K. Diamond, A. McMahon, B. Chandler
B. Grenwood, D. Fox, B. O'Neil, B. Nathan d. J. Stephens, N. Nunn, G. Jackson, R. Chandler
K. Bromley, K. Jacobson, D. Gillam, R. Vanderwaal, d. A. Massey, B. Jones, B. Northover, G. Carson
N. Holmes, G. Skelly, Neil Holmes d. R. Claydon, R. Zahl, G. Slingsby
R. Greenwood, B. Harris, A. Sinden, D. Sinden d. C. Stallan, G. Hicks, G. Constable, D. Franklin

M. Carney, S. Carney, T. Adams, J. Abel d. B. Sechtig, J. Noll, A. Nathan, B. Nathan

J. McKechnie, B. Jones, D. Rowatt d. G. Hicks, R. Death, R. Suitor
J. Gaffney, J. Marshall, L. Browne d. T. Gray, G. Slingsby, G. Jackson
Pato, G. Skelly, B. Davis d. B. Chandler, R. Chandler, B. Shearing
D. Gillam, G. Constable, G. Carson d. R. Claydon, G. Gunn, L. Lovatt

M. Carney, S. Carney, T. Adams, J. Abel d. R. Fryer, S. Fryer, G. Smith, B. O'Neil

TRIVIA NIGHT: 23 Oct. Bookings essential.
MELBOURNE CUP DAY: Tue 2 Nov. Bookings required before COB Friday, 22 Oct 21
GAMES SELECTORS APPOINTED: Ladies – Wed 3 Nov; Men – Thu 4 Nov.
PRESIDENT AND PATRONESS DAY: Tue 9 Nov 21. Only open to Lady bowlers.
PLUM DUFF DAY: Tue 30 Nov. Mixed teams
AGM: Sun 5 Dec.


Great to see the rain but unfortunately our $300 Money Day was washed out last Friday.  Our next sponsored day will be on 12 November.

COMPETITION CALL Friday 22 October:

Consistency Singles (Round 4):

M.Stockton v P.Van Huizen

F.De Bono v T. Clark

Markers – S.Squires & L.Murphy

NOMINATIONS for the Championship Fours Competition 2022 will open on 5th November, closing and drawn on 26th November.   The first round will be played on 11th February 2022.  Put your team's names on the list on the board.

COACHING:  Please book in with Glenyss on 0408 019 707 before Tuesday if you are interested in being coached.  

SOCIAL BOWLS:  Mixed social bowls are played under shades every Friday from 1pm.  Put your name on the list in the clubhouse or phone 41 535 644 by 12.30pm if you would like a game.

Bundaberg Bowls Club

Weeks Results and Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 12th October: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Scott Burke Electrical and Solar.
Samson Green:
Winners: H. McKinnon, M. Zacher, D. Harding. Runners Up: A. Shaw, D. Francis, D. Brady. Sportspersons: R. Moisel, K. Itzstein, C. Marcinkus.
Foundation Green:
Winners: L. Scougall, J. Scougall, B. Hofstetter. Runners Up: G. Ferguson, V. Mallett, G. Ayrton. Sportspersons:
H. Dingle, K. Duffy, J. Beeck.
Thursday 14th October:
Winners: G. Purches, M. Zacher. Sportspersons: N. Lincoln, K. Itzstein, T. Lincoln.
Saturday 16th October:
Winners: G. Purches, G. Stewart, D. Harding. Sportspersons: T. Salau, G. Mallett.
Tuesday 19th October: R, Ribbans, S. Ribbans. Thursday 21st October: D. Harding, M. Zacher. Saturday 23rd October: J. Scougall, L. Scougall.
Competition Results:
Thursday 14th October:
Open Mixed Fours: J. Barrett, S. Ribbans, R. Sydenham, R. Ribbans def T. Salau, A. Salau, D. Brady, J. Clough.
Saturday 16th October:
Mens Open Triples: A. Edgerton, R. Sydenham, T. Lincoln def G. Watson, R. Nikora, D. Cooke.
Competition Call:
Tuesday 19th October:
Mixed Pairs Final: F. Dewhurst, M. Nicol v G. Mallett(sub), S. Sparke.
Thursday 21st October:
Ladies Consistency Singles: K. Itzstein v S. Sparke (Marker: J. Jones)
Ladies Thirds and Skips Pairs: L. Scougall, C. Marcinkus v J. Barrett, M. Nicol.
Mens Open Triples: D. Petersen, J. Scougall, B. Hofstetter v R. Carey, T. Lear, J. Francis.
Tuesday 26th October:
Open Mixed Fours: D. Francis, L. Scougall, J. Scougall, J. Francis v J. Aulfrey, M. Zacher, D. Harding, F. Dewhurst. ~ E. Angove, K. Evans, F. Millerick, R. Russell v K. Itzstein, A. Edgerton, F. Clarke,T. Lincoln. ~ J. Nikora, B. McKinnon, H. McKinnon, R. Nikora v C. Marcinkus, C. Suzor, M. Nicol, B. Hofstetter.
Saturday 30th October:
Open Mixed Fours: T. Lear, R. Lear, J. Dingle, H. Dingle v J. Reed, M. Daley, M. Stumble, D. Cooke.
Mens Open Triples: K. Hiley, R. Ribbans, R. Russell v A. Edgerton, R. Sydenham, T. Lincoln.
Thursday 4th November:
Ladies Open Fours: H. McKinnon, J. Aulfrey, J. Jones(sub), C. Marcinkus v K. Itzstein, M. Daley, D. Francis, S. Sparke. ~ T. Salau(sub), J. Nikora, L. Scougall, M. Zacher v R. Lear, S. Gastaldon, H. Schmidt, M. Nicol.
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday 19th October: BOM Meeting at 10.00 a.m. Social Bowls and Competitions at 1.00 p.m.
Thursday 21st October: Social Bowls and Competitions.
Saturday 23rd October: Mixed Triples $600.00 Day sponsored by Spring Lakes Resort.
Sunday 24th October: Mens President Day at Gin Gin.
Tuesday 26th October: Social Bowls and Competitions.
Thursday 28th October: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Rudy's Pest Control.
Saturday 30th October: Social Bowls and Competitions.
Tuesday 2nd November: Melbourne Cup Day – Social Bowls at 10.00a.m. followed by Lunch and Cup Race.


Tuesday 12th October: Winners: P O’Neill & N Hook: Runners Up: M Stockton & G Mizzi :Sportsman: J Bawden & M Jeffs
Wednesday 13th October: Scroungers Winner: D Kemp : Runners Up: Chilly & D Rye
Thursday 14th October: Winners: Annette & Colin: Runners Up: Wayne & Gary Nicko: Sportsman: Sue, Ken & John Dowd: Pick the Joker Jackpot was not won and next week will be $405 +.
Friday 15th October Rained out
Saturday 9th October: Winners: Kerry Melham: Runners Up: G Ferguson & G Dewing Sportsman: W Downey & S Coleman
Competition Results B Gaede Singles : K Melham 26 Def W McCurley 16
Please check the Competition boards and continue to arrange games by mutual agreement.
Visitors most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 41514217. If you cannot get through on the club number regarding bowls then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.
Tuesday 19th October: Open Pairs $200 Guaranteed Prizemoney – 1pm start. Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm
Wednesday night 20th October: Scroungers – 6.30pm start, names before 6.00pm. This is a fun game of singles similar to consistency singles, played in groups of 3 or 4 per rink over 12 ends. Green fees are $5, and 50 percent of green fees will be returned as prizemoney. Everyone welcome.
Thursday night 21st October: 6.30pm Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the “Pick the Joker Jackpot” which will be $+ this week. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Names before 6.00pm, start at 6.30pm.
Friday 22nd October: Open Pairs – $200 Prizemoney Guaranteed. 1.00pm start – Names before 12.00pm. Green fees paid by 12.45pm. Plus the Jackpot will be $.
Saturday 23rd October: Open Mixed Triples – Lady must Skip. 1.00pm start. Names before 12.00pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. Please place names on the nomination sheet at the club or phone the club during opening hours to nominate your team
Sunday 31st October: Men’s section CENT SALE to help raise funds for the State Pennant Finals. Any cash donations to help purchase prizes would be greatly appreciated.
CLUB BISTRO: The CRACKERJACK Bistro is now open for business. There is a new menu and new pricing with new opening hours so come along and test your taste buds and support the new management. The Bistro hours are as follows – Monday – Closed, Tuesday 11.00am -4.00pm, Wednesday 11.00am-2.30pm & then 4.30pm- 8.00pm, Thursday 4.30pm-8.00pm, Friday 11.00am – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 8.00pm, Saturday 10.00am – 4.30pm and Sunday – Closed. Check out their Facebook page “Crackerjack Bistro” for menu details and pricing or next time you are at the club. Obviously, there is now a lunchtime menu and opportunities for takeaways.
Entertainment for Friday night 22nd October will be Sticky Rock and Friday 29th October will be Old Habits, so come along and enjoy a meal and some live entertainment at your ‘friendly’ club.

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