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Oyster mushroom and silver beet cheesy omelette

oyster mushroom omelette
Five ingredients are all it takes to create this delicious recipe from BundyFungi.

Rose Fraser from BundyFungi has created this simple, five-ingredient omelette recipe featuring her delicious mushrooms.

The local woman grows gourmet shrooms right here in Bundaberg which can be purchased from Olsen's Corner Foodworks.


  • 50g of BundyFungi shrooms
  • 75g steamed silverbeet
  • 2 eggs beaten with 1/4 cup milk
  • 35g grated cheese


  • In a medium pan cook the shrooms and then add the silver beet and eggs.
  • When the eggs are firm, add the grated cheese and cook under grill until it's golden and melted.
  • Season to taste.

This oyster mushroom omelette recipe is full of taste, goodness and very easy to make!

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