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Neighbours plant trees, grow community spirit

Million Trees Bargara
As it may take a community to raise a child, Bargara residents are demonstrating how it can take a community to help the environment. Photo: Grace Beckenhauer

A group of motivated Bargara neighbours have banded together to plant and care for 20 trees in Ian Cossart Park as part of Council’s One Million Trees initiative.

The community effort to plant 20 native trees at Ian Cossart Park was initiated by local resident Karyn Ennor, who asked her neighbours to join in the drive to provide shade for future generations while helping the environment.

Karyn has been working with Council to coordinate the tree planting.

As caretakers of the native trees Karyn said the coastal neighbourhood was abuzz with families eager to pitch in and help.

“We needed to ensure the neighbourhood would be willing to look after the trees once they were planted,” Karyn said.

“There’s a lot of environmentally minded people here, including a university lecturer and a ranger from Mon Repos, with lots of kids.

“We are all over the moon about having the trees in the park.”

Karyn said being involved in One Million Trees helped the neighbours’ bond over more than just a cup of coffee or a friendly wave.

“The neighbours know of each other through saying hello when they are mowing the lawn, or out on a walk, and now I guess this will help us know each other a little more,” she said.

“We have all agreed to not only plant the trees, but also keep up the watering of them once or twice a week.”

Living nearby Ian Cossart Park, resident Ben Taylor said One Million Trees was a great initiative and his participation in the community get together was an extra special occasion.

“It’s actually my 44th birthday today, so I am very happy to be planting some trees now to then watching them grow up in the future,” Ben said.

“It’s really good we can do it on a community scale like this.

Million Trees Bargara
Pim O'Connor, Ben Taylor, Charlie Ellen and Mick O'Connor take part in the One Million Trees program at Bargara.

“I have three kids and I guess knowing that we are all here planting trees that will create shade, there’s something special about that.”

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated the Bargara residents for taking part in the significant program.

Mayor Dempsey said Council’s vision of planting one million thriving trees in the Bundaberg Region was well underway, and he encouraged the whole community to roll up their sleeves and take part.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s one tree in the backyard, 20 between neighbours or 1000 trees planted at a time, every single tree planted in our region makes a difference and gets us closer to reaching our goal,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“This tree planting at Ian Cossart Park may not be the largest scale planting to date but it’s so rewarding to see residents coming together like this and contributing to the program.

“They’re not only helping the environment but they’re helping to grow community spirit.”

The community planting at Ian Crossart Park was also supported by Green Solutions which donated compost for the project.

“We are excited to work with Council and the community on the One Million Trees project and look forward to seeing these trees grow and the improvement to Ian Cossart Park,” Green Solutions’ Nathan Freeman said.

Under the One Million Trees program landowners with a private property in the Bundaberg Regional Council area can apply for free trees, provided they can commit to land preparation, planting and maintenance.

To find out more about the One Million Trees initiative and to take part, head to the project page.

Million Trees Bargara
Colleen Barton, Julian Morris and Karyn Ennor were excited to dig deep with neighbours at Bargara.

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