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Surfing Scientist to bring explosive show to Bundaberg

The Surfing Scientist Ruben Meerman
The Surfing Scientist, aka Ruben Meerman, will bring an explosive presentation to Bundaberg in December at the Hinkler Innovation Series event.

The Surfing Scientist will be hanging ten in Bundaberg next month as he discusses quantum physics, chemistry, biology and everything in between at the Hinkler Innovation Series.

Ruben Meerman said he was excited to wow the crowd when he takes to the stage on Thursday, 2 December for the next breakfast event.

“I’ll use fire and explosions to reveal the beautiful mathematical formula hidden in the Periodic Table of the Elements,” he said.

“It's a direct result of quantum physics yet simple enough for primary school kids to understand so I promise, you will be amazed.

“Bring earplugs!”

The popular scientist travels the nation to teach his audiences about quantum physics and the link between fitness, health and science.

More recently, Ruben's research into weight loss was published in his book called Big Fat Myths, which he said came about in a very interesting way.

“I was actually researching a children’s book about farts and poo when I stumbled onto the question that led to Big Fat Myths, which is, when you lose weight, where does it go?” he said.

“The first thing I discovered was that I had no idea what human fat is made of, so I did what anyone would do and asked Doctor Google, which led to Wikipedia, which led to PubMed, which led to mountains of biochemistry textbooks and journals articles, and I’m still reading.

“It’s the most fascinating topic in the world.”

Ruben said he was looking forward to visiting the region to discuss some of his scientific thoughts.

“The best thing about science is that it is a bottomless pit of fascinating phenomena and toys for your mind,” he said.

“I am never bored!”

Working mostly with children during his tours of schools around the nation, Ruben said his audiences always left him feeling excited about science.

“Children are the most inquisitive, optimistic and enthusiastic people on the planet and hearing them say ‘wow!' is the most rewarding thing in the world,” he said.

“How could you not love working with these happy, energetic little people?”

Ruben said he would be hoping for the same reaction when he comes to Bundaberg for the Hinkler Innovation Series, and said the event was the perfect opportunity to open the minds of those eager to learn.

“The best way to inspire people to do amazing and innovative things is to celebrate amazing people who are doing innovative things,” he said.

“I think events like the Hinkler Innovation Series are invaluable because who knows who and what it might inspire some amazing person to do?”

The Hinkler Innovation Series breakfast will be held on Thursday, 2 December at the Bundaberg Multiplex, 1 Civic Avenue.

Tickets cost $45 and include breakfast.

Find out more here.

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