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Wide Bay Private Day Hospital application lodged

Wide Bay Private Day Hospital
The application proposes to use an existing health facility to develop a day hospital with consulting rooms and operating theaters.

An application has been lodged for the development of the Wide Bay Private Day Hospital for the treatment of a wide range of issues including digestive diseases.

The Material Change of Use for hospital was lodged with Bundaberg Regional Council over the site of an existing health centre on Woongarra Street.

The application said the centre would be used specifically for a day hospital and would not include overnight accommodation.

“Wide Bay Private Day Hospital would operate Monday to Friday 6:00 – 18:00 and Saturday 6:00 – 13:00,” the application said.

“All works resulting from the MCU would be confined to the internals of the existing building with the building exterior and footprint, services thereto, hardstand area and landscaping to remain unchanged.”

If approved, the proposed conversion to the Wide Bay Private Day Hospital would be constructed over two stages.

Stage one of the proposed Wide Bay Private Day Hospital:

The application said stage one would essentially be a reconfiguration of the existing medical centre comprising:

  • Front entry, reception and waiting area
  • Consulting rooms
  • Ancillary rooms including amenities and administration

“Eight of the nine consulting rooms would be occupied by four permanent and four visiting doctors and the ninth consulting room shared between one visiting dietician and one visiting psychologist, both anticipated at eight hours per week,” the application said.

“While there are nine consulting rooms, 1/3 average occupancy is anticipated and maximum occupancy, at any one time, would be five practitioners and four administrative staff.

“This is due to particularly the doctors not running clinics every day – some once a week – and some of them utilising their consulting rooms only as an office for some or most of the time.”

Stage two of the proposed Wide Bay Private Day Hospital:

The second stage of the proposal would see two former radiation bunkers converted and would feature:

  • Two operating theatres
  • Recovery areas
  • Day therapy area

“Maximum operating capacity at any one time would be two doctors with patients moving from the operating theatre to one of the three recovery stretchers to one of six recovery chairs before being discharged from the hospital,” the application said.

“A distinct day therapy area is also proposed for stage two consisting of six bays attended by two staff.

“The day therapy area is for patients receiving intravenous infusions while seated in a lounge chair, including for chemotherapy, iron infusions and blood transfusions.”

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