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Council facilities impacted by public health direction

Coronavirus update
The Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status Direction was issued on 7 December and takes effect from 5am AEST on Friday 17 December.

A public health direction issued by the Chief Health Officer will require patrons of a number of Council facilities and events to be vaccinated from 17 December.

The Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status Direction was issued on 7 December and takes effect from 5am AEST on Friday 17 December.

Council facilities which will require patrons to be vaccinated under the State Government directive include:

  • Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
  • Multiplex
  • Bundaberg Recreational Precinct
  • Hinkler Hall of Aviation
  • Alexandra Park Zoo
  • Showgrounds
  • Cultural, art and music festivals where ticketed entry applies
  • Outdoor community events
  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
  • Childers Art Space

Community halls will be subject to COVID occupancy limits of no more than one person per two square metres for areas open to or used by visitors.

Council owned libraries remain exempt from the vaccination mandate at this time.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the vaccination status direction provided clarity over exactly what was expected and how the mandate would work.

“Queensland is marching toward its 17 December milestone of easing restrictions on some businesses, so it is crucial people know what the rules mean for them,” the Premier said.

From December 17, there will be no capacity restrictions on businesses permitted to only allow fully vaccinated people to attend their premises.

This includes pubs, cafes, restaurants, indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, festivals, and Queensland Government-owned galleries, museums, and libraries.

The government has advised that, as with all health directions, police will be responsible for enforcement.

Under the public health direction there will be restrictions on unvaccinated people but those people can still access essential services and activities, such as retail outlets, places of worship and public transport.

Venues, including impacted Council facilities, will prominently display signage that makes the vaccination requirements of entry clear.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Yvette D’Ath said the government would not tolerate those who wilfully flouted their obligations and put the community at risk of COVID-19.

“Businesses will have the right to deny entry to unvaccinated people and anyone who refuses to comply with an order can be fined up to $1,378.50 and face imprisonment,” Ms Dath said.

She added that it was crucial Queenslanders and tourists continued using the Check In Qld app, as the state prepares for borders to re-open on December 13.

Minister for Employment and Small Business Di Farmer said December 17 marked a new COVID normal for everyone. 

“When you are visiting these places, please respect the staff and the rules that they have in place, because aggressive and abusive behaviour will simply not be tolerated, and penalties will apply for those patrons who do not comply,” she said.

To view the Queensland Government health direction visit https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/queensland-restrictions-update/public-health-and-social-measures-linked-to-vaccination-status.

Resources for businesses included in the vaccination status direction, including signage, can be downloaded here.

For COVID-19 enquiries, including hotspots, border passes, restrictions, contact tracing or testing, visit www.covid19.qld.gov.au or call 134 COVID (13 42 68).



  1. “Minister for Employment and Small Business Di Farmer said December 17 marked a new COVID normal for everyone.”
    This BS is NOT normal and never will be.
    Medical Segregation has no place in a modern society.
    This kind of Apartheid is a throwback to darker times.
    It reeks of Nazi Germany and racist South Africa.
    Fight it with all you have.
    See you on Sunday at ANZAC Park to continue our opposition to this obscene “mandate”

  2. You can go to a library, which is closed in, but not the recreational precinct which is a big wide open paddock? That figures.

  3. The most appalling act of division on the men, women & children of our community.
    How out of touch is this Gov & those who support this are with the real needs of our community?

    Majority that are getting jabbed, not from fear of the virus , but fear of loosing income & their mortgages & status. This is coercion. This is manipulation. This is against the Immunisation Handbook & the Australian Charter of our Health Rights, where we must have informed consent, time to decide, the right to say no & the right to alternative treatments.

    Medical treatment is considered essential.. if our Hospitals are going to discriminate against unvaxxed…the ethics of the Medical profession has become political, therefore there is no ethics or compassion to all.

    This Medical apartheid has taken us back…
    Blacks at the back of the bus
    Whites at the front
    Blacks can’t go past Boundary Street
    Whites have rule to roam everywhere

    For those who support this… you are consenting to Gov Sanctioned Medication on the People & our children’s future.
    Not right mate!

  4. I respect the vaxxed and unvaxxed and am pro-choice.. You need to report on the way we all feel over these mandates and how they have come about. Extreme numbers of businesses and people are pro-choice or anti mandate (not antivax) and want the real questions answered!! We here from legal professionals that most of this is unlawful let alone unconstitutional, and we see the misleading and infactual media articles supporting this government. How about reporting the things they don’t want the public to know I order to keep coercing, controlling and segregating. Now our children maybe forced to get this vaccine or else they are penalized too? If it isn’t coercion why are the unvaxxed only banned from “reward centres”? Why if unvaxxed, can I go on public transport, attend the Christmas carols, go shopping and eat at the mall, go to the gym?? But into attend a concert a paid for two years ago? And not to the hospital or welcome for an organ transplant if needed?? You need to do real research and report how the people feel and also the extensive facts and figures that have been distorted and some paces even made up to suit this alleged “health directive”. Absolute propaganda

  5. wonder when the jails for crims will be segregated in this fashion as well. imagine, a two jail system, one for vaccinated and one for unvaccinated. all the extra employment.

  6. You need to be Aware, Educated and Awakened.
    We need to come together as a country and not let us be divided. As a society the dirty work is being done by us if we just sit back and watch. Stand up and make your voices heard.
    As a holocaust survivor said “ we could see the changes being made and didn’t think much about it, until it was too late “.

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